Slab is Innocent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Well, I guess they'd better let him go then.
  2. :?
    Sorry but are we supposed to be sorry for this waste of space. The man is a carbuncle on the backside of humanity and needs to be 'slotted' PDQ.
    He is not a 'victim' but an agressor. :evil:

    'Slab'......bite me :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Well, why shouldn't we take him at his word? But wait, the Telegraph won the lible case! And papers only win lible cases if they are working on 'firm ground'. That makes Slab "A prominent member of the IRA". So I for one don't give a flying f*ck if he or his family are 'distressed' over the allegations. Hope he spends a lot of time sweating..... he'd better get used to it. It's supposed to be very hot where he's going when he's finished in this life! :twisted:
  4. I wonder how this peace loving gentle man managed to get the name "Slab".
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ever seen him?
    Then you would have a good idea, his local butcher is no lightweight either!
  6. 'Slab' is typical of the inbred, uneducated, bog-trotting gombeen peasant that has always floated to the surface of the Republican movement. It is surely a sign of the organisation's degeneracy that this bogman is 'Chief-of-Staff' (God help us!).
  7. Not a fan then gallowglass?
  8. Gallowglass - that is a gleaming quote and as a fellow Irishman I couldn't agree more!
  9. didn't he say at the libel trial that he hadn't heard of the IRA?

    how can he be a lifelong republican if he's never heard of the IRA?
  10. According to the papers it is a contraction of the dialact term "slabber" meaning to talk a lot. :?

    According to the int brief I got last time I was in his neighbourhood it is because he used to interrogate suspected touts by dropping paving slabs on their knees until they confessed. Allegedly. 8)

    He probably has people for that these days, what with him being so senior and all...
  11. He's just the latest in a long line of assorted peasants, corner boys, psychopaths, broken-down Anglo-Irish gintry ('Countess' Markiewicz and her even madder sister Maud Gonne), sexual deviants (Pearse and Casement), Womantic Wepublicans and pseudo-Irishmen such as Wolfe Tone (the original Johnny-come-lately Irishman, family only arrived here on Cromwell's coat-tails). Added to this are more recent phenomena such as:

    - Aenghus Ó Snodaigh (that's Angus Snoddy...not very Irish old man, really? - but then your lot never really were)
    - Martin Ferris (member of the Irish Parliament and convicted gun-runner; recently referred to PIRA bank raids in the Republic as "armed withdrawals". Has only the most passing acquaintance with the English language).
    - Former PIRA 'Chief-of Staff' Séan MacStiofáin (or John Stephenson of East London, one-time RAF corporal). Liked to wear an eye patch, and was caught drinking from a shower during his 'hunger and thirst strike' in an Irish Army military prison during the 70s.
    - Proinsías de Rossa (or 'Captain' Frank Ross of the Stickies, until he saw the light and is now an MEP bullsh*t artist)
    - Gerry Adams (Adams...surely not a Planter name? You'd better sod off home then to whatever dump in Lowland Scotland or Northern England James I saw fit to throw your ancestors out of...they still have your dinner under the grill)

    (Takes deep breath, counts to ten...) How long have you got? :twisted: