SLA Open door policy.

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by 2RW, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. 2RW


    Takes a deeeep breath:


    Jimbo baggins from some part of the army has took it upon himself and others to enforce a open door policy between time X and Y in our SLA subject to random checks for shits and giggles. This is all ranks below three banana's. Many reasons has lead to this some fair points and some born of divine madness. Not only do we have to walk around with our heads dipped like naughty schoolboys on the clock we can have some tard busting in our beloved SLA picking up stuff and asking at a rapid rate "Can I borrow this can I borrow that got a fag, Does that kettle work?" and sleep before time Y.....I don't think so kind of deal.

    So rant over now to the question.

    1) Is this allowed in Military Law?
    2) Is this allowed in Civilian Law?
    3) When it comes to this bag are we exempt from Article 8 of the human right act?
    4) Anything relevant?

    Going to ask here before I take up the good fight and get demoted to the rank of Solder Under Sentence. See if I can get some ammo.

    PS: Hold the flames gents I need big brass answers.
  2. OK I understood all of that except the second paragraph. Whose idea was it, what exactly does the policy state?
  3. I think my Firefox has dropped it's fill.
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  4. 2RW


    Sorry about that crow_bag few sherbets last night.

    As for the policy it simply states on Detail all members of the Single living accommodation are to leave their room open between times 5pm and 9pm COS are to enforce. If you have a guest from outside camp you can close your door. (I don't think I am going to bring my bit on the side in every bloody day) As for the Dreamweaver of all the shenanigans he waves a stick about. Thats all I can say :)

    Sorry about the randomness of it all my brain has taken one to many blows in its life.
  5. I don't know about the legal implications but if I wasn't in my room I'd lock the door. If anyone complains then point out that leaving your room insecure would invalidate your kit insurance should something go missing.

    Or tell them to poke it and close your door.
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  6. As described here this does seem a very odd policy.
  7. Why has this been introduced? There must be a reason why the grown ups want you to keep your doors open, people drinking or doing something they shouldn't in the lines? Maybe a misguided attempt to encourage integration by forcing people not to finish work and then lock themselves in their room till the next morning.
  8. Offer to any unwelcome duty bloke a 'If your not on the otherside of that door ASAP, I will offer you my full assistance policy'

    I had a similar thing once, the above advice was issued once, word spread...I was left in peace
  9. He is not asking how hard you think you are or being the block hardcase. Have you anything to add as to the legality of the order?
  10. Not really, I am pretty sure it will be covered or interpreted from the CO's directive/Duty of care policy...Pissing in the wind if you ask me, thats why I offered said advice
  11. Wait until you see the ROS entering the block then lie on your bed with your finest tranny porn going pulling the head off it like a demented chimp.
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  12. I have beeen out of the army longer than most of you here have been alive,
    I only contribute to aarse in the Naafi and old and bold for the humour,
    I,m only posting to say I realise now I truely do not recognise todays army!
    when I lived in the block in germany...keys to your room?? wtf kit insurance?
    you had a bedspace and locker and **** all else, so therefore nothing worth nicking and senior ranks had access to everyhing at ALL times
    I notice a lot of people on here quote civilian law and their rights when told to do something by their senior ranks, you're in the army now ffs dry your eyes.
  13. Sad state of affairs if there are any full screws living in who can't deal with the usual block issues without the grown ups having to jump in.
  14. I love a good 'when I was in the Troop Stripey was allowed to beat us to death for having tramlines in our lightweights and we didn't complain' rant.
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  15. Unfortunately the number of those that can't deal, out number the few that can...Very sad indeed