SLA Inspections, whats the ruling?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone give me direction on the ruling to Room inspections within the SLA? I remember seeing a document a few years ago stating updated laws but can't remember if it was a letter or DIN.

    There is a growing number of incidents within my Unit of rooms being inspected whilst the occupant is away and I would like to ensure this is allowed.

    My gut feeling is it is not, I would like to see this in writing!
  2. It has been my experience that nowadays to many people take the easy option of not carrying out inspections of SLA in case they "Infringe" on peoples civil liberties.
    Its Bollocks mate. As a Commander you have a Duty of Care to ensure that the personnel under your command are living in a safe, clean environment.
    How else but by personnally checking are you to ensure this.
  3. I don't ever recall hearing of an inspection of the pads houses......double standards!
  4. all management need to do is have an electrical inspection. they then can go into rooms to check that your tv's , irons etc are in a fit condition and at the same time do a room inspection.
  5. Thanks for your opinion but I'm after actual rulings not whether we should or not, DINS / JSPs quotations ect. I am now in a position to ensure the SSM / RSMs are doing inspections correcly and fairly so I would like the correct knowledge to pass on to them.

  6. Your answer is in QRs... where, I hear you ask?

    QRs Chapter 5 Part 17 Barracks and Married Quarters

    Regimental Inspections.

    5.651. The general tidiness and upkeep of barracks and barrack fitments are the responsibility of the unit in occupation. There are to be monthly inspections of barrack accommodation and grounds. At the commanding officer’s discretion the medical officer or his representative will attend. Civilian medical practitioners may decline to attend in which case a uniformed member of the medical team will attend in his stead. Exceptionally an inspection may be deferred but for no longer than one month. Inspecting officers are to be of not lower than field officer rank except in small units, in which the rank is not to be lower than captain. Repairs and replacements are to be recorded and passed for action to the Property Manager (PROM) or Assistant Property Manager (APROM) as appropriate. Commanding officers requiring specialist advice should consult either G4 Estate staff at formation headquarters or their PROM. (see para J13.008).
  7. Barbs,
    That's exactly what I was after, thankyou. This will now stop the Masses from staging a revolution!
  8. The Pads are owned by DHE. The blocks are not. It is the QM(A) responsibility with power delegated down to sub units.

    Whilst it can be considered a sticky subject, it is necessary to adopt a mature approach, stamping out any command elements that think they are an extra for the start of Full Metal Jacket.
    The duty of care of the buildings and the soldiers in that accommodation are a command responsibility. And even though the soldier doesn't like it (I hated it) regular checks on the accommodation must be done by law for fire alarms,legionella, faults that could cause death or injury etc,etc.

    Ultimately the soldier can box their room up during periods of absence. Or they can play the game.
  9. Note the minimum rank for an inspection...
  10. Having just carried out a Block Inspection at 2100hrs, lads standing by beds, and the reason for doing it, i dont give a feck whether it impinges on human rights.
    If on a night time some nugget wants to come into the downstairs corridor and throw chicken bones, chips and shite all over the floor then ill gladly feck people around until the lads and more importantly Block NCO's get a grip.
    Did one a 6 in morning and one just now. I have both lived in SLA and MQ's and it is a disadvantage to be tarred with the same brush if you live in a clean and tidy environment and suffer from the above mentioned nuggets. But thats where lads get amongst each other and sort it out.....democracy in action!
  11. Nice CH,
    Barbs, however if i may observe the original post was about inspections without inhabitant being present. Room inspections yes, but I was always under the impression, possibly in error, that this wasn't to be done without the roomie there?
  12. Perhaps not the roomie, but if a senior from their unit, say a troop sgt attends the inspection on their behalf?
  13. That is the beauty of QRs - it gives the chain of command all the rope it needs... personally, I think that the person who occupies the room should be there. The significance of the quote from QRs is that it should be an officer of field rank therefore, it should not be done by someone else, with or without the occupier being present.
  14. Cheers Barbs,
    Major or above then...
    except in small units... :) sounds like some fun is going to ba happening :) .