SL right or wrong

Is selling your ass on SL ok ?

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As a sprog to sl a was having a nose round the place and seen a couple of linden making jobs , as this is virtual is it ok to have a immoral job such as dancing in a gay club called zeus and escort agency ?
i might have fell in with the wrong crowd

SL - kenny82 Barbosa
Personally, i think you put yourself on the long slippery slope to a prolapse. Its only a matter of time until the greed for money takes you that next step, and before you know it, you'll be living in a virtual cardboard box under a virtual embankment giving hand jobs for crack.

Just go on ebay and spend 20 quid on linden. You get a surprising amount for it. On the other hand if your trying to tell us you had a cracking night yesterday pole dancing in an SL gay bar you crack right on ahead mate. And take plenty of lube.

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