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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Praetorian, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone else see the series of shorts that were on Channel 4 last week about SL?

    People who were addicted to it basically, it was seriously scary....

    Discuss :)

  2. ....and most of them will be fat birds with a hygiene problem from Arrse who pretend to be Kylie or some other goddess like figure.

    BTW. Nope, didn't see the progs.
  3. It was very, very worrying.

    One woman had met a guy on SL, moved from the states to the Netherlands, and was making a living out of it.

    Very scary that people with no First life get offof playing Second Life. To be honest, I couldn't get into it!
  4. The trick is to make it your game.

    I like what i do on second life for a couple of reasons. Firstly, i get to be a bit creative and build stuff. My job in FL doesnt really produce a product, i get to vent my creative anger in SL. I get to stretch myself by producing code/scripts to do stuff, its a learning curve and something of a struggle and i thrive on that.

    Secondly, it introduces me to new things. I've chatted with people i otherwise wouldnt have, i've been exposed to situations and other attitudes i wouldnt have ever found. I like that.

    Like i say, make it your game. And it is only that, there are people who play warcraft/COD/Medal of Honour etc for hours a day. The trick is to make SL your game and not to kick the arrse out of it. Play it but dont live it.
  5. 8O I don't understand how people can become addicted to it.

    I have decided they must invest stacks of money and stacks of time before they actually make money! Im lead to believe there is some serious dollars (US not Lindens) made from the game. Making serious money I suppose would feed an addiction!

    Ive just swopped arrsechat/MSN for SL - I check SL emails/messages in the morning and log in only if there are notecards to read, otherwise I dont bother. I get to spend usually 2 hours of an evening sometimes more, catching up with people I already knew prior to joining SL who are now on SL and gossiping with those Ive met during my time on SL whilst doing that I GM on a sim and field bone questions about the sim/CCS/DCS/game related stuff/RnR Stuff, so I don't have any time to play 'the game' really.

    Its a fight in this household, World of Warcraft is male childs 'thing' and you have to be bloody quick to get to the computer before he does!! Now he (teenmonster) can play that game for hours and hours and hours a day - if he was given the chance! I don't get that game either!! 8O
  6. er..questions about RnR aren't bones questions!!! :D

    But, whilst on the SL subject I can confirm my time on SL has made me dislike the french and Im not to fond of the portugese or Japanese either - infact I've really gone off anyone who asks bone questions then doesnt understand the reply!! :evil: