SL has some competition with new cheaper virtual environment

Avatar Hangout uses the same viewer and application as Second Life but is attempting to provide a cheaper alternative. A lot of the big sims in SL are already looking to move across as SL prices increase.
Full Sim with full perm
65536 Sqm with 15000 prims is only $75 USD/Month

Full Sim with Low prims and full perm
65536 Sqm with 5000 prims is only $45 USD/Month

½ Sim
32768 Sqm with 7500 prims is only $38 USD/Month

¼ Sim
16384 Sqm with 3750 prims is only $20 USD/Month
Just an example of the cheap available land on Avatar Hangout.
Other advantages include free uploads of textures and sounds for a limited time and the ability to freely create mega prims.
At the moment it looks a bit rough but I can predict a price war as these new open source sims start multiplying.
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