Skywatch - BBC 1974

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fozzy, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. A stick of 21 1000lb bombs on Salisbury Plain, those were the days! The powers that be would shit themselves at the suggestion nowadays.
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  2. They certainly would. For a start, where would the RAF get 21 bombs from these days? And we'd probably have to press the old BBMF Lancaster into service - I don't think we'd have anything else capable of carrying that load.
  3. Rawhide will be along in a moment to claim that the F-35 could do so at the same time as solving the murder of Rasputin and making a bacon sandwich.
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  4. Remember this very well. Trying to watch it on a nackered black and white tv on a Sunday summers day. This and the moon shots were pure porn for a 12yo boy in the 70's.
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  5. Never mind 1000lb bombs, 3kg & 14kg practice were made obsolete at the end of last month, goodbye 3kg terror weapon! At least it answers the question of what to do with the CBLS 100 & 200 practice bomb carriers I've got left at work now. Anyone fancy a bomb shape BBQ? ;-)

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  6. Thanks for that. Not just a very nice display for the RAF of it's time but it also demonstrates the huge gulf between the presentation of someone like Raymond Baxter and the clueless muppets of today.
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  7. Convinced me to sign the line and become a bomb head. Raymond Baxter, what a man. Spitfire pilot who hunted V2 rockets. Free fire Clusters, SNEB, SUU, 1000LB'rs. I feel a semi coming on :)

    And I'll go for a cbls barbie.
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  8. I'm up for the BBQ and if your looking around in the stores have you got any JP233's going spare? they would make great roof boxes for the car.
  9. So what replaces the terror bombs, nothing?
  10. Not to mention the mum and pair of rugrats crossing the road in front of the Harrier during the urban exercise sequence!
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  11. Well my oppo here at Boscombe contacted a mate still in the RAF at Coningsby to be told no replacement. RAF hasn't been using pracs for ages apparently, doing all with software. Nice to be told now as I'd demanded a load of 122EX spares before Xmas. Looks like the RAF has decided we're using PGMs all the time so don't mind losing core skills like dumb bombing.

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  12. Just as well we're not going to have another war in the next 10 years then. Heaven forbid a big kick off and shortage of PGM kit.
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  13. Good find!
    I remember being on holiday in Lincolnshire in the '90s and watching A-10s mullahing targets at Wainfleet with guns and practice bombs. It all came to a sudden end when one shredded the steel-work holding the target with the cannon.
    Considering the firepower, the sea wall we were parked up at wasn't a huge distance from the firing line.