Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by slimpig, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi Fellas...........

    I'm deploying to bastion for the summer, I was thinking of setting up skype on my laptop and on the wifes computer at home.

    Does anybody know whether you can use SKYPE to have live video conversations between bastion and the UK? Is it still free?

  2. Live video conversations?

    Good effort :D
  3. 'tis free to video via Skype

    Skype Video Help Page

    being an ex-Corps member I have no idea what access points, bandwidth etc you have coming out of Bastion.
  4. .....being an ex-bleep, too, I have no problem communicating 5/5 with Australia Malaya and Cyprus but it does depend on your bandwidth....

    Certo Cito (shit or bust)
  5. It's free from anywhere in the world and as secure a system as you can find outside - CISCO use it for all their internal comms and it is also ok enough for my team weekly conference calls.

    However, video skype will use a shed of a lot of bandwidth and you'll need to be on mains if chatting for any length of time.


  6. skype working from baghdad at the moment, though sometimes jumpy and often drops out after 3 mins due to bandwidth. Great when it works.
  7. Cannot remember where I found them but I once came across a vast number of companies other than Skype that do VOIP. Those better than me might know of them or what to google.

    EDITED to add this
  8. Even if the lack of bandwidth does preclude a protracted video link (which may not always be a bad thing if 'er indoors has just got up!) then you can still use the voice applicaion which is in effect a free phonecall from your own bedspace.
  9. Thanks for everyones help
  10. Another question if i may has anybody used a skype mobile phone and does it cost the same to call another phone as it does from your pc or would i get charged byt the phone company for acessing the internet to do so?
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It would depend on your data plan. For example my iPhone plan is unlimited data so a voip call is effectively free. However some operators charge depending on how much MB you use. Alos roaming data is normally expensive.

    Its worth noting that the mobile industry are understandably not happy with voip taking their profits so there is talk of preventing voip on mobile networks, just talk at the moment thought.
  12. I was looking at the 3G skype mobile which i thinks is the only truly dedicated one i'll be sure to read the small print and ask loads of bone questions in the shop if i take the plunge
  13. I wouldnt buy a 3g skype mobile, If overseas you will spend a fortune on data charges.
    I have a Mobile powered by windows mobile and has built in Wi-fi. You can connect to a wireless network and use your phone on skype.