Skype / VOIP; any good?

Per the heading.

Mate in the US, want to phone without having to spend a kidney's worth of £




I use Skype to chat with friends in Oz and USA. It's pretty good and compatible with most new cell phones :)
Per the heading.

Mate in the US, want to phone without having to spend a kidney's worth of £


Download Skype freebies on the internet. Skype to Skype calls are free! No catch. So how do Skype make money? They subcontract their lines to other users. Slightly more to it than that, but it's the bottom line. They were part of the E-Bay & Pay Pal community but since January of this year they've bought themselves out of that arrangement and are as near as dammit a standalone organisation.
For some reason I cannot download Skype! I go though all the clicks and it asks me if I want to save it or cancel. Click on save and it just sits the on my firefox (3.6.8.) bottom bar, hover the mouse over it and it says 'download cancelled'!!! Wtf is that all about?? :???:

Luckily my free porn downloads aren't effected. :wink:
I Skype to friends in Scotland on a regular basis and I must say it's the dogs danglies!
Hardly any delay with sound and image and the quality is just superb,plus it's cheap as chips because you only pay for your internet account.

I recommend it to anyone who has to ring people abroad.
Wooo... just signed on, straight away I'm in comms with a mate in Kabul.

Yehudi, secret MOSSAD mission.


Oh, and Gay Dave from the Bramshill. On a pie recce.


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I have recently been introduced ti skype and find it great. Easy to use, free and best of all, it enables me to present my handsomeness to callers thus brightening up their lives:winkrazz: :puker:
Excellent, used it from US, Canada, Iraq and AFG. Free to the bints computer and now in Europe so fixed fee of Euros a month to UK landlines.
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