Skype Upgrade - Be Aware

Just passing on what happened to me on Friday /yesterday.

Had a message that there was a new Skype upgrade available (to v., so I upgraded, and then toddled off for supper. Came back and briefly used the PC before heading of to bed - the PC response was sluggish, and left click slow at best, so I made a mental note to change mouse batteries in the a.m. as that's what the problem looked like.

Next day the PC was varying between being completely spastic and OK. At first I thought the new batteries I'd put in the mouse were shot so I binned those for more new ones, but the problems remained.

I tried shutting various processes to identify the problem, but nothing was apparent as the cause. As the only change I'd made before the problems started was to upgrade Skype I decided to un-install it completely and do a clean install - problem solved.


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ms have got their hands on it now so it could be over bloated with trying to network with everything in the planet.
curiously the skype for windows 8 wouldnt download for me so I stuck to the skpe desktop, will keep my eye on things thanks for the heads up
I just had a similar issue. certain programs wouldn't run others would run fine. If I tried to open a system program there would be freezing and odd things (even stopped programs starting when windows started that I wanted). I eventually disabled the skype update service and stopped skype starting when windows started (it wouldn't let me uninstall) and that solved things. It then let me install it and then I installed the Windows 8 version and that wouldn't let me log on. MS have royally messed it up, the twats.
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