Skype on HERRICK

Saw some mounting instructions today and it said "SKYPE not available".
Now some of my Unit at the same time are deploying to Kabul, where SKYPE is the de-rigour.
So i was wondering is this non-availability due to technical reasons(?) or is it, what we thought was the real reason, commercial reasons in letting Paradigm having the monopoly on phonecalls and providing them with income in increasing your 30min weekly allowance? :?

Apologies if this is in a sticky somewhere!
You can use Skype via laptop when logged on to the welfare net, or you could until last month when I left.
Cheers mate, just weird that the Mounting Instruction highlighted this.
Probably trying to cut down on bandwidth. Bastion and KAF both have welfare wireless in most of the accommodation. They say 30 minutes but when you've used it just log back on an hour later and you should get on. Hosts around 100 bods per hour so if you keep trying you will eventually get on.
Ahh, it becomes clear...cheers
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