Skype in Iraq

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hey-up-cheeky, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Recently had a brief from a civilian security company ref the use of skype in iraq, it went along the lines of the use of skype via mobiles is a popular way of communicating.

    Now, o was wondering if i bought say a skype handset in the uk i.e. from 3 mobile, would it work out in iraq, i have looked at the 3 website and it has a list of countries it works in with iraq not listed.

    Could any one shed some light on the situation for me please.

    Many thanks
  2. you would need to check to see if 3 had any roaming partners in iraq


    Orascom Telecom Iraq Corporation (IRAQNA)
    GSM 900

    Asia Cell Telecommunications Company Ltd
    GSM 900

    this are the current 3 roamers in Iraq.

    Speak to 3 and tell them you would need the data settings for Iraq as they may differ from what is used in the UK.

    so its possible to work, just dont forget to check what the charges are for data, could be expensive (recently UK woman used her husbands data service in Germany) thinking it was part of a package and got stung for 11k
  3. I can tell you now that 3 wont work in Fallujah or Al Asad.... but it will work in Liberty.. cant remember who the partner was but my 3 phone picked up a signal okay and worked fine there.
  4. Go to GSM world

    Look up UK then 3, find out who there roaming partners are.

    Go to there country and then look up the coverage maps, this might help
  5. info has been helpful, would like to know if anyody uses any sort of mobile coms out there, and what prices they incur, i was looking at getting a payg 3 mobile skpe type handset if anybody knows if it works out there.

  6. If you are planning on taking you mobile on tour then don't bother.

    You are not allowed to used personnel phones here.

    3G won't work anyway ... yet.
  7. Smoking Sigs is correct mobile phones are not allowed in Iraq. The only way you could use Skype is to use a laptop with wifi. But the wifi connection at present is only available in the EFI area's and is not good enough for skype use.

    There is a civi run internet suite in the old J1 village that will allow you to use webcam and audio over msn maybe even skype. You have to pay but it is a reasonable rate for the service provided.

    Don't waste your money on a phone
  8. Send a Bluey.
  9. HUC, depends where you're off to. You'll get a signal in Basrah, Baggers and KAR. The further away from the US Mil you get the crappier the signal.

    And it'll cost you 2 quid a minute both ends!

    If I were you I'd get a cheap nokia handset and buy a simcard when you get here from a jingly market stall or at the APOD.

    If you are coming out with a PSC, you'll get access to skype through a compute or a point to plug your laptop in and it works ok all over unless your company has pants internet connectivity (sounds familiar doesn't it exscaleybleep!?!)