Skype account hacking

Had a case of account hacking this weekend, the bar steward had got into my account but couldnt use my bank card so he set up the credit to auto recharge and ran up £40. Got it stopped but skype are about as much use as Anne Franks drum kit when it came to helping me. just thought Id warn off anyone using it to phone landlines etc. MODS feel free to move if reqd.
Was you account 'hacked', or did you have your password stolen? There is a big difference y'know. If you have had your password stolen then I'd guess there is a 90% chance it was your fault in the first place.
That's not to say it wasn't a pisser though ;)
Had half a dozen emails saying Id been buying credit at silly oclock, however the details for my payment had a different address in the boxes, so if there are internet police in America (F**K YEAH) I could send the details to them ????
msr I am not worthy and wow the FBI ??????? (no not the F**king big indian from the sin bin), now I cant wait to send his details in from work tomorrow, get some waterboarding !!!!!
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