Skynews on Bush


What skynews think of 'W' :D
theres no link on my pc!!!
Says it all really.
I like the way they got all the aides to crowd in to
make it look like he was in the thick of things.

Or maybe it was just that one shot.
I was at the gym when I saw a newsflash come up on Sky News, it qouted Bush as saying that the disaster had 'claimed countless dead'. Wow, what great insight he has! The American people and the rest of the world really needed him to tell us that.

Countless must mean more than 10 to him, he's only got two hands after all.
cheesypoptart said:
Unpatriotic scum! Traitors who denounce the Fuehrer in such obvious ways should be stuck in Guantanamo Bay!
No need. I'm sure the poor, unfortunate soul respondible has already been banished to Murdoch's dungeon where he will spend the rest of his life lubing Sean Hannity's cat's arrsehole.

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