SKYNET launch...... delayed

Isn't Skynet the AI that caused Judgement Day in Terminator?

We're all doooooooooooomed!
I always wonder it it's wise to call something. 'groundbreaking'.

Especially a satellite.
Yes you did indeed.

Now please PM me with the winning numbers for next week's lottery.


Wija72 said:
It was odds on really!


Why has this become headline news? I can't recall anything more than a few minor articles in the specialist press when the last series of Skynet Comsats was launched.

This sort of thing is used to be kept low key. Perhaps the hand of the PFI partnership is behind the PR?
Headline news because it good British technology that either going to be put in to orbit , eventualy or more probably explode in to a millon bits as the French launch vehicle self destructs !


not that it would , of course.
I told you I dont trust this b@stard, its become self-aware. If you wouldnt mind awfully old chap, I really need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

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