Skynet 5A Launch

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. For anyone who is even remotely interested!!!

    EADS Astrium/Paradigm are going to lob the first of the Skynet 5 satellites into orbit tomorrow night, strapped to the top of an Arianne 5 launcher.

    The launch window is 22.25 to 22.58, and the launch is being webcast live on t'interweb here.

    According to the glossy publications, Skynet 5 represents a massive improvement in the availability of satellite bandwidth to defence, however the cynic in me is saying that its going make a loud bang and rain down in flames over French Guyana. I'll open the bidding at 22 seconds into launch before the fireworks start!!!
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Ha! 1st challenge getting it up there, 2nd getting it working! Did a Arianne rocket not go bang not so long ago?

    I'll up the bidding, 75 seconds and pop!
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm slightly less cynical, I'll give it 40 minutes before they decide they are going to have to de-orbit it because it doesn't work. Being French, it will probably run away from the harsh and damaging solar rays anyway.
  4. You guys are far too cynical, IMHO! One of the (few) things at which the French are good is lobbing satellites into space. They make quite a business out of it and the number of losses over the last few years has been surprisingly low. We only hear about the bangs and not the dozens of successful launches!

    However, I am willing to eat my words should the worst happen.

    Would I want to be in the IPT Leader's shoes today...? Perhaps not, although I bet he's in French Guyana, sweating!

  5. I'd forgotten they were French. I didnt add a "launch could be cancelled due to strike action regarding lack of European satellite launch subsides" option to my original post!!

    But your right Litotes, the'll be some sweaty palms in Paradigm/Sh@ IPT tomorrow night!
  6. They'll have stolen the fuel to burn some sheep in Calais.
  7. Private joke:

    Perhaps The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Doomsayer or Compus_Mentus, can remember cringing in agony at a question fielded to Min AF about this topic. Much Ado About Nothing?

    What would Antony and Cleopatra or Macbeth think about it?
  8. I will sleep tonight knowing that.................U Must be bored or a Supervisor obviously boney_m.
  9. The whole Skynet thing makes me think of those nasty robots.
  10. A glossy about it landed on the desk today. However much i want it to succeed, and improve the way the Corps does business, i'd giggle like a child if it went bang.
  11. I however have great confidence in the launch and the orbit and the testing.

    But I believe it will only be compatible with CLANSMAN.................
  12. It's alright if this one goes pop there is another two they can get it right with! Let's now see if we can some REACHER out on the ground as well!


  13. Maybe if someone else but paradigm were providing the Satelite services we wouldn't have so much trouble.

    The quality of service Paradigm give through the PSCCC is appalling.
  14. Let's hope it all works.

    The process of launching to fully commisioned is a long one.

    (Let's not forget Beagle and Imperial/Metric conversions!!!!)

    From another thread, apparantly the launcher is also taking up an Indian TV sat (Intersat 4B I think), so to repeat their post.... let's all learn hindi, just in case.
  15. Oh dear. Launch binned for the evening.

    Think they need a plumber!