Skyfall Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by viceroy, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Thought I'd stick this into the NAAFI so you lot can practice free speech.

    I went to see it last night with SWMBO and apart from her being late and consequently me having a shitty seat in the front row of a giant screen (stiff neck and all that), I enjoyed it but think it is far from 'best Bond of all times'.

    It had its moments though, when the DB5 appeared the audience started clapping and cheering, unheard of where I live! I liked the Istanbul opening bike scene over the souk with motorbikes though it did look too much like Taken 2 (or the other way round, coincidence?). Other parts I found a bit too stereotypical and tedious, notably the hearing in front of the minister and the scorpion drinking scene with bond returning to MI6 undergoing tests. Bond films used to be outlandish, they have become more realistic but at times do not stand up to close scrutiny still. I admit to having very high expectations which didn't fail to not disappoint me entirely.
    The PPK is in .380Auto/9mm short is a bit of a joke in 2012 (though it would not surprise me if the Walther boys would come out with a commemorative Bond PPK. Don't get me wrong there has been recycling of scenes and gear in the last few films, but the story isn't as interesting as it used to be. The fact that Bond did not use a Walther P99 makes me wonder if the manufacturer were involved in the film at all. Still, better a PPK on JB than a Glock 18 with a 100 round magazine, right?

    The product placements (Sony, Jag/Land Rover, Walther, Heineken to name the ones I picked up), were not too overt and didn't bother me. As for Judy Dench dying, not really what I would have gone for, especially seeing that she is being replaced by Ralph Fiennes (there had to be a reference to THEM). I loved Judy Dench as M and he has rather large shoes to fill there.

    All in all good entertainment but not the best Bond of all times. Thoughts?

  2. You might want have put a spoiler alert on your post mate...........Cunt ;)
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  3. The only thing I gave away is that M isn't going to make it, plot-wise I deliberately kept stumm. What were you nosing about the thread anyway if you haven't yet seen the movie, eh?
  4. You have just divulged the film's best kept secret. Luckily, I saw it last night so it hasn't spoilt it for me but I'd certainly have enjoyed it less if I'd known ahead of time.
  5. 2 questions: do we think Ralph Fiennes can pull it off replacing the best M by far IMHO.

    Is it me or is the new Q a bit too young and up himself?

    Other than that I think it was quite good.

    Yes the Bond films have changed dramatically but it's down to the individual, do you prefer more realistic? Or slightly dubious yet remotely believable in the gadgety sense.
  6. M. Dying is not a plot point!
    You fucking tube.
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  7. i enjoyed it but thought of the DC films casino royale was still better, i felt this could've been vastly improved by cutting 20-30 minutes out of it as it seemed to flag between the action quite a bit.
  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    A Yay. A good film and I'm still much preferring the less techy take on Bond. Long, though.
  9. Agree Casino Royale was much better.

    I went to see Skyfall yesterday. Having been put through interminable product placement advertising (aftershave, cars, mobile phone and beer) before the film.

    Craig as Bond is brutal. However it wasn't hard or brutal enough for me. The villain was a pastiche and the whole film seemed to revolve around ending an era and bringing in the new (50 years of bond); similar to the last episodes of the run in for a new Dr in Dr Who. The cinematic themes were constantly between the old version and the dawning of the new era, for example; the villain's home pad, the desert island retreat, of course Bond's family home going up in flames. I left the film contemplating with my friend the next Bond film and it being Craig's last before he bows out. Maybe not the desired effect they were going for with this one. Saying that it was a whole lot better than Quantum Solace. Just hope his last film goes back to that original brutality and rawness, can that be resurrected by Craig?
  10. Haven't seen it, won't bother till it comes on ITV in a couple of Christmas' time. They're just identikit action movies now, with a few long-past-their-sell-by-date characters being moved around on sticks.

    Connery and Lazenby were pretty good, the films became almost comedies with Roger Moore and you could enjoy them like that in an undemanding way. Like Morse towards the end, they're now just flogging a dead horse for the cash that's falling out of its arse.
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  11. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Ah, but this is the 'in crisis and struggling back to form' one... part of a series rather than just a stage in one film. That's how I saw it, anyway.

    And as with the current 'Batman' films, the way characters are being worked in (eg. Moneypenny) reinforces that for me.

    Agreed, not as good as Craig's first and better than Quantum. Not still to my mind better than many that have gone before.

    Shame about the car, though.
  12. i've heard he's down for the next two which i'd like as i think he might be on his way to being my favourite bond. this bond does (for me) reflect the bond in the books more and i've always prefered my booze swilling, womanising thug bonds to the gadget endowed, arched eyebrowed dancing instructors.

    i see what you mean about the 50th anniversary thing though, things like using the DB5 were good but i almost felt that there were too many nods to previous movies and that javier bardem seemed to be a Frankensteins monster constructed from previous villians (robert carlisle, sean bean and christopher walken)
  13. just realised Q shot 007 in layer cake
  14. I think it was a good film, but not the best Bond film, which i still believe to be From Russia With Love. Bardem acted well, but i think he was let down by the character and rather cliche plot points.
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  15. I thought it was brilliant, though the tube chase was a step too far for me- there was nobody on the train but the driver when it comes crashing through the ceiling, but just moments before we were told it was rush hour... Also, I've been to Temple station many times and it looks nothing like how it did in the film.


    Incredulous of Bloomsbury