Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by UKChrisT, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone been skydiving here? if so, from your own experience how did you find it would you recommend it to others? reason I ask is because i'm stuck inbetween saying go for it and forgetting about it... honestly it's not that i'm scared :oops:
  2. It's tedious. You just fall out of a plane and plummet to the ground.

    Try paragliding it's a much more satisfying sport and involves some skill - as opposed to simply blindly following the rules of gravity.
  3. Try it out and see, contact the Army Parachute Association, based at Netheravon, I did and now miss it. I have 2 years then I'm too old.

    By the way, I was bricking it on the day of my first jumps (17th birthday) but like all good training the drills take over, and the buzz during and afterwards is pure adrenalin. It changes you for the better, builds confidence, and gives you more fanny magnetism. Buy cool shades for DZ use.
  4. Why on earth wouldnt you do it, bafoon. :roll:
  5. I thought all we with wings of Nilpo followed basic physical rules, gravity, drag, thermals etc. At least parachutists land within walking distance of the clubroom bar.
  6. Definately try it.
    You'll never forget it, & you'll draw confidence from the fact that you did it when you encounter situations in the future that sh*t you up.
    You'll just think, if I did that, I can do this.

  7. Bloody meatbombs!
    The difference is that we defy gravity, hit cloud base, float about a bit and then land near a handy BBQ or better still on a cricket pitch ensuring a decent tea. (as long as you don't give the bails a kick as you flare in)

    and then have to hitch all the way back to our bloody cars.
  8. You wouldn't be the bugger who interrupted the Kildwick match recently by any chance??
  9. What? The pitch near the river, not too far from the Skipton Road?

    I usually find it's worthwhile throwing a few wing overs to give the Umpire time to suspend play - he must have been myopic.

    No not me, although I did land on a very crowded pub garden table at the Bridge Inn in Abergervenny once.
  10. i wasnt scared , until my legs were hanging out the side door and there was no going back.
  11. Sounds like a good time in amsterdam.
  12. The higher you are the safer you are (over 50' AGL or so of course ). More time to sort it all out should your gear turn into a bag o' washing.

    The scariest jump I ever did was at Queen's Parade. So low you can hear the buggers at the DZ chatting about how bloody scared I looked!
  13. Don't do one of those naff tandem jumps, save that for your granny.
    If you have the ankles to jump off a 6 ft wall ok, then do a solo one.

    Skydiving costs a fortune. Think it's cheaper to do a solo static line jump.
  14. I spent a month at netheravon doing the course, fantastic time. Go for it
  15. Mate Ive been a way from the sport for some years now, have about 100 jumps under my belt and miss it every day. Been to California twice to jump with my Corps on Ex Market Star.

    I am im in Germany now and wife has said i can start it back up again........

    Am wondering if I have some new life insurance I dont know about !!!!!