Skydiving in LA and muff diving in Vegas.....

Discussion in 'Travel' started by BrettTaylor, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Right well I've recently started a new, rather handsomely paid, job out in Africa on a 3 month on 1 month off rotation and have decided that with my one month off (mid October to Mid November) I'm going to make the trip that I've been sort of half planning for years.

    Here's the itinerary:

    First week will be spent in Perris, California gaining my BPA A Licence with a company called SkyDive Extreme Skydiving School in California offering AFF courses from BPA and USPA » SkydiveXtreme I have emailed the instructor/owner there called Tony Goodman (ex British Army) and everything seams rosy.

    Next will be 3 nights in a rather nice looking hotel in Beverly Hills called Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotels California | Mr. C Hotel Beverly Hills | Los Angeles Luxury Hotels just doing the touristy stuff and seeing the sights e.c.t.

    Side Note: For this first 10/11 days I am planning on hiring a car (Chevy Camero convertible or if needs must a Mustang Convertible) so that I can drive around and see everything including a trip to San Francisco.

    The remaining 4 nights will be spent in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan New Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas Strip Hotel | The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas this will hopefully be serious party time and so I will be mostly far too drunk to be in control of myself never mind a car so that will be being returned upon my arrival in Vegas.

    Unfortunately my mate who was planning on coming with me has just been laid off and so has had to pull out for financial reasons obviously, this means I will be solo for the big trip..... Not the end of the world as I'm sure there will be plenty to keep me occupied.

    My questions are, has anybody ever done any skydiving in the US? Better yet has anyone ever used Skydive Extreme or had Tony Goodman as an instructor? Has anybody spent much time in California and or Vegas? If so what activities/things would you suggest I do/try? Anybody stayed at Mr. C or the Cosmopolitan? Any better hotel recommendations in LA or Vegas?

    Any suggestions/comments will be much appreciated!

    P.S. I am getting rather excited about this little adventure especially after writing it all down!!!!
  2. Nevermind all that, what's this job you've landed, and are they looking for some more volunteers?
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  3. Hi Brett, I have known Tony Goodman for years. He ran the Artillery Parachute team when I was in the Engineers Team. Perris is a fantastic drop zone and Tony is a great instructor, you will have a fantastic time.
    I am jealous.


    PS - Say hi from me.
  4. Mining industry mate and unfortunately they are pretty well staffed right now!

    Cheers Ade, sounds pretty good to me (just counting down the days now).... I'll let Tony know you said hi when I get there!
  5. Darn.... And there was me hoping for more suggestions/advice.

    Looks like I'm actually going to have to think for myself.... This could be disastrous!
  6. Not done the HALO bid, but I find that every day spent in either LA or Vegas is one too many for me. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is geared toward shaking you down and the whole place has zero character. Frisco is nice, the further north you go, the better it will become. Seattle is a great place and you can hop on a ferry to Victoria, BC and onwards to e.g. Vancouver.

    I did an LA / LV gig with a good mate between jobs a few years ago and I had high expectations, ended up really hating it, even the hookers were shite (as you had mentioned DATY I thought I should let you know).
    I have since stuck to Asia for such adventures, I tend to get a lot more out of it and a lot more bang for your buck. I heard that Florida is really good for skydiving as well.
  7. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps it is because we / they / I are all a bit envious? Have a good trip.
  8. Hahaha envy I believe to be one of the 7 deadly sins... You're all going to burn in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity!

    It is a bit of a "holiday of a lifetime" thing and the only places I've been for the last 13 years have been provided courtesy of Her Majesty.... So I think I deserve it!
  9. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    13 years courtesy of Her Majesty? FFS, what did you do, shag a corgi?

    Anyway, having worked in Nigeria and Gabon, you are welcome to Africa - good luck to you mate!
  10. Perris Valley/Elsinore brings back many fond memories as well--great parachuting area--also gliders.
  11. In San Fran avoid the Castro district :) and if you can squeeze in the time, go to the wine country just north of the city--fantastic. In fact, if I was doing it, I would bypass the city and focus on the wine country in Napa and Russian River Valleys.

    As for LA, once you see Beverly Hills there is not much else worth seeing or safe to see. I would rather drive down the coast road to Laguna Beach and further on to San Diego which is a much nicer city with much safer and more enjoyable nightlife. Don't miss Old Town (La Pinata Restaurant--La Pinata - Sign On San Diego . com) and and try Peohe's restaurant (Peohe's - Coronado Island | Part of the Chart House Family of Restaurants) on the "island" of Coronado in the bay and the Chart House in Cardiff-by-the-Sea just north of the city on the ocean- ).
  12. I didn't even think about wine country... I'm rather partial to a drop of California red too!

    I was in two minds about San Diego and hadn't really looked very deep in to it to be honest, this shall now change!

    Cheers JJH much appreciated mate.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Jumped at Elsinore a few times, really liked it there, it's a different set-up to Perris though. I must admit to being bored by the whole Vegas thing and last time I went I drove out to Joshua Tree National Park and back through Palm Springs, San Bernadino and stayed the night in a place called Idyllwyld (sp?) and had an awesome time just meeting different people. If I was doing it now I would definitely do the wine thing!
  14. Have a view of the film -' Sideways' with Paul Giammacho ( late night spelling?) filmed in North California's vineyards. As for San Diego, any UK guys who have been through UK military HALO will give you a good heads up. San Diego was the usual R&R break from El Centro.
  15. AL--your mention of El Centro brings back many fond and a few scary (rode my reserve in once) memories!