If you wanna get paid too much money for Air sports then join the AAC. Not everyone gets to fly though we only ave 3 or 4 trucks.
Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.

Leonardo DaVinci
I'm just guessing, but by the look of the posts Nethers and Kings Field are the DZ's jumped at. Anyone jump at RAPA? I have jumped at all three but I'm grounded at the moment trying to find the money to get my cypres serviced  :-[ (Why is it always money?)

Anyone up for an ARRSE 4 Way?
;D ;D
RAPA ........

You know the tennis courts?
I landed in the fookas on AFF L4!! It was about 17:00 and the blerk had locked up!!
Climbing over a 10ft fence with a Manta is no easy task!!
Cost me a bomb after ringing that bleedin' bell!!

Also grounded due to no aircraft!! (Servicing in UK)
Quite a vital ingredient methinks.....
Is this area just a place to post quaint little skydiving quotes or has anyone had any good "No S**t, there I was, thought I was going to die" stories?  ???

As for the tennis courts story, come on Skygod, there's 'out' and there's 'OUT!'. Mind you, I do know somebody who landed in the ammo compound in Normanydy Bks while the dogs were running free... now theres incentive to climb a fence with all your kit on! He didn't have a Manta though, on which I can't really comment as I haven't jumped a Manta since.... just checking logbook.... 23 March 95  8)
yeah, about 95 also-
I don't have any 'I thought i was gonna die' moments, (fortunately) but on my first Downplane, i was so transfixed with the ground-rush, i didn't notice the frantic leg shaking of O***y to tell me to break!
On a first (crate) downplane, breaking at around 200 ft was, in hindsight a very interesting i had only done 48 jumps!
DING! He had never done CRW with anyone below 50 before!

I've already done a basic freefall course with 19 jumps, but I'm now looking at AFF.  Can anyone tell me how long the course is?  I want to do it in one solid block, probably at Bad Lip.
The AFF course can be done from scratch with 7 good qualifying jumps followed by 10 consolidation jumps.

It's up to your AFF instructors if they count your 19 contributing to your consolidation jumps or not. It depends on canopy handling skills. Five of your consolidation jumps are also (usually) your FAM jumps on to a BOC throwaway system.

So you need time and good (high altitude) weather for a minimum of 7 jumps (add re-jumps for any level you fluff) and the briefings in between. Don't forget that the briefings are a lot more intensive than the RAPS system so you'll realisticaly be looking at 2-3 jumps per day max.

The consolidation jumps can be knocked out as hop-n-pops with 5k needed for your FAM jumps.

After sprouting all that b*ll*cks the answer to your question is that with good weather and good skills you can do it in a week. However if you plan yourself two weeks free in summer you'll take a lot of pressure off yourself and once you have Cat 8 you can use any time left at the end to crack on with a bit of fun jumping.

Hope that wasn't too long winded and I  wish you Blue Skies  8)
AFF is great, but what is not usually mentioned, is that you are not really an experienced Skydiver until you qualify as Cat 10 (or FS1 as it is now called)
Whereas AFF is essentially 8 jumps, you have the consolidations (as Pilot pointed out, which is 'Air time' for you to practice your drills and skills), Then a further 10 levels of what is called WARP - where you learn to work with others in the sky - The goal being able to pull off a successful 4 point 4-way.(POINT meaning a formation with - you guessed it, 3 other blerks, docking four times)
It souds very daunting, difficult and expensive - IT IS, but when you pull off your first 20-way, you realise that it is all worth it.
Plant -  I AM sure you will agree......
Blue Skies
I agree, but it's one of those sports that forever kicks out new adventures... first formation load, first helicopter load, first demo, first bum spot, first mal, first off landing... well, the list is endless... and long may it remain so  ;D
If riding in a plane is flying
then riding in a boat is swimming.
If you want to experience the element
get out of the goddam vehicle




Take not thine altitude in vain
Lest the earth rise up and smite thee.


Q: What should you do if you can't find your pullout?
A: Keep looking - you've got the rest of your life to find it.


Not everything that is scary is dangerous, and not everything that is dangerous is scary.


Worldwide, the single most common cause of death among early 21st Century skydivers,  is a fully deployed,  perfectly functional main canopy.


Remember Patrick de Gayardon and Pete Lambson [among others].

If you don't know who they were - note here my use of the past tense -  post a reply, and I will enlighten you.

The Original Major Upton-Park
[only 2 stops short of Barking]
Well they do reackon that if Patrick de Gayardon made it to heaven and has been issued his wings, you can be sure he's modifying them to get better performance.

Mmmm, one of team 'Upton Park'? I'm trying to picture the face but the alcohol and the years have blurred the memory.

Oh yes, I think you'll find that some of the other teams thought youd missed your stop... by 2 stops to be precise  ;D

Blue skies
I remember Pete Lambson from Netheravon back in '78/79 - A bootie if my memory is correct - nice guy - is he still about?
You must be taking the p!ss badger.

Back onto the topic. I did the basic freefall course in Netheravon in Easter last year. I managed 12 jumps in the 2nd week of the course but because the wind was over 15 knots for the 1st week (can't do your first jump if it's over 10 knots on the DZ) I had to sit and my arrse and watch op telic kick off in cafe type thing. The jumping was an excellent buzz. The time you get really worried is on your 3rd jump when you think to yourself "fcuk...I just packed my own canopy....fcuk fcuk fcuk" whilst you're falling like the proverbial rock from 3000 ft. Anyone thinking of doing it should bring a good book. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN NETHERAVON!!! The NAAFI is a dump (literally a prefab box with a rather effeminate bartender) and the Officers' mess is full of stuffy majors and colonels. No banter. The jumpin would almost make up for it execpt that you are at the mercy of the fine British weather.

I do have a question for those more knowledgable than myself; I bought temp insurance from the BPA for about £12 that lasts a year. Can I buy that again if I go on the course again or do I have to fork out for the longer term option?
On the Insurance side of life, becoming a member of the BPA for a course gives you that temp insurance. However, be advised cost of joining BPA about to sky rocket to the tune of about £160 for a year.

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