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In October 2008 I am going to be one of the first skydivers ever to freefall over Mount Everest. This is an extreme event and I am privileged (although some people may say I'm barking mad) to be able to take part in it. I have decided to take advantage of the publicity the Everest Skydive is going to be receiving to raise money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. I have called this fund-raising endeavour Op Poppy Drop.

The British media tends to report, sadly on a too frequent a basis, on the deaths of our troops serving particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. There needs to be more awareness of those returning from these theatres with life-changing injuries. The RBL is paramount in assisting and supporting these young men and women with their rehabilitation as well as providing support for those families who have sadly lost loved ones.

You can help the RBL by making a donation, funding is required constantly not just on Rememberance Day. If you would like to donate or are interested in finding out more about the Mount Everest Skydive please visit the website at

Thank you for your support :salut:
Thanks for your interest and support.

As the website is a "pay to watch" site we will hopefully not only see you "watching with interest" but also donating to the appeal.

Have a look at the new "reality page" and you will see why we feel very strongly about supporting the injured. Look forward to your donation.

All the best.

Good cause and website

The reality page may open some eyes to the grim reality of operational life
Thanks for the support and interest. Please feel free to make a donation, any small amount will help.


Well done, I hope you all have a safe and successful trip and jump. I shall be passing around the site details to local media too.
Thanks for your interest and support. Any media coverage that you can get for the appeal will be appreciated. Look forward to seeing your donation on the website?




Skydog said:
Thanks for your interest and support. Any media coverage that you can get for the appeal will be appreciated. Look forward to seeing your donation on the website?


Good for you mate, well done.

Just make sure you have it in writing that the RBL will also sponsor a "recover the body" project. :wink:
It's probably not really worth recovering, but thanks for the thought. If you donate on the website you could always request that a percentage of your donation goes to a separate "body retrieval" fund



For your information, some of my cynical 'friends' think that by donating to Op Poppy Drop they are going to be subsidising my 'holiday' to Everest. This is not the case, I'm paying for the whole Everest trip myself and ALL donations go directly to the Royal British Legion through the donations web site.

Thought I would bump this thread up and would reiterate that 100% of the donation goes towards the RBL.

I'm sure everyone on here can afford to donate a couple of quid to the RBL, a charity that will still be going in the next century and gives help in so many ways.
Thanks for your support. We have raised £4500 so far and still want to reach the 10k target. Although it's a drop in the ocean it may still asist someone in need in the near future.

Looking at the casualtiy rates from 2 Para the BL will be in demand for a long time to come.

If you are interested in sending out or displaying the Op Poppydrop poster on our behalf please contact me on and I will send you a copy
It's now less than a week until we travel to Nepal to begin certainly the greatest adventure of my life, the first ever skydive over Mount Everest. We arrive in Kathmandu on 21 Sep where all the organisers, dropzone mangement and skydivers will meet up for the first time. We have a couple of days in Kathmandu for briefings, kit issue and last minute purchases and then we fly out to Lukla and begin a 6-day acclimatisation trek, eventually arriving at the Syangboche dropzone on 1 Oct.

On 2 Oct we will carry out practice jumps to familiarise ourselves with the oxygen system, specialised flying suits and the extra large canopies that we will be using for the Everest skydive. For many of us it will be our first experience of high altitude skydiving and the increased rate of free fall that the lack of air resistance will produce. And of course the freezing cold temperature.

Then on 3 Oct, weather permitting we will be lifted above Mount Everest in the Brietling sponsored pilatus porter and jump at 29,500ft. It is going to be the most incredible experience to freefall past the faces of the world's highest mountains, deploy canopies at 18,000 ft and (hopefully!) land at the Syangboche dropzone at 12,350ft. It's one hell of a drop if you overshoot the beer line on this dropzone :omfg:

As well as being one of the first ever Everest skydivers, I am also raising money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. For more info about the Everest skydive and how to donate please go to my web site Op Poppy Drop. Have a look at the 'Reality Page', these are the lads who really need your help. You can also donate directly at Remember ALL donations go directly to the Poppy Appeal.

All being well we return to the UK 7 Oct. I will be posting updates on the website, photos and videos when I get home.
It's a couple of weeks since we got back from Nepal and finally I have managed to update the Op Poppydrop website. Needless to say the skydive didn't go according to plan and the 4 of us on the jump had a pretty 'interesting' return to earth. The weather closed in on us as we were making our descent and we ended up trying to locate the drop zone through 5000ft of thick cloud. Not one of my better experiences, but more through luck than judgement I achieved the first 2-way formation skydive over Mount Everest with Carrie (from the US) and came back safely to tell the tale.

Friends and family have told me that the media coverage of Skydive Everest 2008 was disappointing and was 'hijacked' by a certain female skydiver and Channel 5 presenter. There were a total of 24 skydivers and tandem passengers all with stories to tell, it was a shame that the media should focus on just a few. The 4 of us came very close to disaster and Carrie received some pretty serious injuries to her ankle, foot and spine. Ours is a a story that appears to have been brushed under the carpet by those who don't want any adverse publicity for Skydive Everest 2009.

Mrs Skydog and I paid a great deal of money for this 'adventure of a lifetime', any of you tempted to sign up for Skydive Everest 2009 please read my account on and think again. Was it worth the expense - definitely not. But was it worth it to skydive over the highest mountains on the planet - hell YES.

Two good things came out of this adventure though; I returned home alive, and we have raised a tidy sum for the Poppy Appeal. We have not reached our £10k target yet though, so please think about donating to The Royal British Legion through or at least drop a couple of extra quid in the Poppy Appeal collection boxes on our behalf.

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