SkyBridge Security - 20% discount for service personnel on all courses

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by SkyBridge, May 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    We offer 20% discount to currently serving or ex-forces personnel (subject to MOD90 or service history proof). This is valid on all our courses, from all types of medical to PTLLS to close protection.

    This also includes our new modular close protection course which will still provide you 220 contact hours (our courses are longer - 70 hours over the recommended SIA guidelines to ensure top quality training) but over an extended period of time.

    Simply use HMForces coupon code on the payment system to claim the discount.

    See more details on our website and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. As a company run by ex-military personnel, we are there for you!
  2. Surely you're aiming this at ex-forces.....who no longer have a MOD90.
  3. No, this is actually aimed at serving personnel, that's why MOD90. Ex-forces have all other resettlement options but some people want to take courses while still serving to be better prepared for when they leave. This is why we introduced a modular CP course because this can be taken in blocks of weekends or 4 days at a time instead of spending the annual leave on that. Hope this makes sense.
  4. That does make sense. But what about the lads that have left the forces, and fancy a career change? It's a bit jack ;)
  5. Sure, you have a point there, thanks for making us think. We'll amend the offer to be valid for those lads up to 2 years after leaving the forces but they will need to produce their service book. Will change this on the site later today. And thanks for giving punctuation homework to the angry boy :)
  6. No problem. Of course I expect a 2% cut of your profits ;)
  7. In the end we decided to offer it to all ex-forces. Otherwise people with 2 years and 1 month out of forces will feel it is unfair they don't qualify. So here you go, come to the office, lunch is definitely on us!!!
  8. SkyBridge,

    You might want to post in this forum Education and Resettlement Courses as well. I would check with a moderator first though, seeing as you are advertising on their site.

  9. Thank you for pointing this out, we shall check to see what is possible. Regards, CN