Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pielover, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Possibly the wrong forum for this but has anyone got Sky+? I'm thinking of switching back to sky from ntl and 'er indoors now wants +.

    So, is it anygood? Is it worth the extra brass or should I stay with normal digital service?

    Answers on a postcard....
  2. SKY PLUS everytime!!
  3. Sky+ is the dogs wotsits. Record one channel whilst watching another, record 2 channels at once. Rewind/pause/replay live transmissions. The hard drive is large enough to record lots of stuff - hours and hours and hours of it. Operation is easy enough.

    Point to note: If a programme is split in two (say, for the news) make sure that you press record for both bits. The system will record exactly what you want and will not figure out that part 2 starts 15 mins later.
  4. Am I right in thinking that you can record an entire series without having to programme every episode?

    Also, can you output saved programmes to DVD recorders/PC's??

    I am having trouble thinking of it as any more that a VCR with bells and whistles.

    (I am nearly sold by the fact that the set top box will fit in nicely with my Xbox 360! - but i'm not shallow honest...)
  5. Yes, Yes and VCR (or do you mean DVD-R?) can only record (from Sky) the channel that you are watching.
  6. Sky+ dont hog the market anymore. Im led to beleive that Tiscali among others now offer the same type of service and the box's are HD too.

    dont quote me though !
  7. Can you transfer the stuff that Sky plus has recorded onto DVD R? Fior example if there was a good series you want to keep for posterity?
  8. Sky plus only records 40hrs of stuff. But you can drop in a massive hard drive for £60 and bump it up to about 120hrs.
    Can't do the watch one record one thing if its a shared dish!!
  9. It is the dogs kahunas! Yes you can transfer to DVD R proving you have the right cables. Haven't got round to it yet though as Mrs Geek has filled the swine full of soap operas!
  10. The dogs danglies, you wont know how you lived without it
  11. got it last week. fantastic, well worth £89. and it automatically records every episode of the simpsons and south park for me :)
  12. Sky+, must be alien technology, how does it do it all?
    Record 2 progs and watch a previously recorded one, rewinding + pausing if needed, all at the same time with just 1 hard drive!
    Series link, godsend!!

    Constantly recording to DVD here ( + or - makes no difference). Just simply link together by Scart lead or svideo+audio to any device, dvd, VCR, PC etc. Using the 'copy' function is good for multiple programme recordings in one go, like a series left to record overnight. Self start/stop recommended for individual posterity recordings !
    SVideo gives a slightly better pic than scart.

    Had a TV guy in the other day to sort out the freeview aerial and advised that all you need to do to upgrade (increase recording time) the Sky+ hard drive is to buy a normal PC hard drive , swop them over and do a system reset. (He seemed to know what he was on about, as he also sorted out a few issues I was having with the Sky+ box.)

    Will HDTV be worth it for the cost and type of programmes normally watched?
  13. It's the dogs dusters.

    My viewing now is what I want when I want it for as long as I want and if anything needs saving (rarely) or a non SKY owning friend has asked for something then I can copy it overnight to a tape for them.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    In my civvie job I work for Sky & to be honest,NO! There are only around 10 HD channels so to spend £300.00 for that is a waste in my opinion.The romour mill say's that in a few week's Sky+ will be offered free when NTL release their PVR boxes.
    But if you get Sky+ make sure the tech check's the dish alignment as it may need to be re-aligned when fitting the Quad LNB.
    Also,If the existing RF cables are in poor condition,get it replaced on install.
  15. Pielover, | have sky + and record to dvd+r