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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by easesprings, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Not quite IT and gaming but techie stuff all the same.

    I am after some advice on the warrenty offered by Sky for its Sky+ Boxes.

    My sky+ box 12 months warrentry runs out shortly.
    Sky rang me up last night to offer an extended warrenty for 12 months at a cost of £99 (or £8.75 a month).
    This price will also cover:
    The dish
    All Wiring
    The Remote
    And as I have broardband it will also cover:
    The Wireless Router
    All Wiring (Phone socket to router before you start)

    The whole package will also include free call out and if the Engineer cant fix it then I get a replacement free of charge

    My question is. Is it any good and worth the money, or should I look elsewhere???
  2. Generally speaking, I would suggest that it isn't, but the choice is yours.

    You can get private domestic applicance insurance quite a bit cheaper:

    Accidental damage would probably be covered by your existing home policy

    There are plenty of people about on the high street who would probably repair the kit for less than that.

    You can buy a replacement Skyy+ box on ebay for a lot less than £99

    Alternatively, you can always cancel your contract with them, take out a new contract in the name of your partner and still save money on the half price subscriptions.

    But that's just my opinion
  3. Cheers for that advice. I thought it sounded good but the Mrs wasnt to sure
  4. Is Sir aware of the Sale of Goods Act?

    From Which?
    This is why the hugely overpriced warrentys disappeared from Comet and similar.

    Just a thought.
  5. No he wasn't and thank you very much
  6. De nada.

    One point I forgot;

    Like most things it's a judgement call, but nice to do it with the info at hand.
  7. Good advice, but am I not correct in thinking that the Sly+ receiver must be more than a year old for them to be offering an extended warranty?

  8. Not as I understand it they can offer whatever they want in terms of price and time. In real terms it's an overpriced insurance deal.

    Look at the price of a "3 year upgrade" on this item for instance.

    Humax PVR

    While its comparing apples to oranges, you see my point?
  9. No that is a decent price to pay, I take your point. Sky are a real pain, and the insurance scam they're running is almost criminal
  10. There was a programme last year ref ext warranties and a company using the Sky logo were offerring all sorts and they had nothing to do with Sky. I would go with the advice to look at the internet site recommended to get a cheaper and better package.