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Discussion in 'REME' started by vm_in_a_rs_world, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. fellas a little help required from those who know or indeed have just sorted it for themselves

    posted to hohne in the new year currently have sky at my uk address

    how do i go about getting sky at my new qtr in bergen
    or is there a cable set up that is just as good and i can therefore bin the sky

    interested mainly in the channels for kids and missus as i can always go up the mess to watch the footy

    cheers and a happy and safe new year to all members of the glorious corps wherever you find yourself over the next 12 months.
  2. Can only say that all on my street in Moenchengladbach had Sky dishes up & I even got Sky Plus to work (once there had been a "localised storm" which trimmed the local trees a bit :D ).
  3. I took mine to BFG and had it up and working within 15 minutes.

    DO NOT get any muppets for the Sixth Sense to do it, they are rip-off merchants.

    You can use use your BFPO address for correspondice, I and others did.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Mate, if you can keep the sky (contract) going in your UK address, no probs, the Qtrs in Bergen are all pretty much all set up for Sky (plug into the socket with your box and off you go). If it dosn't work there is some punter in the Sixth Sence who may be able to help with a dodgy they say.. possibly!!..If you are on camp bring your dish, if not you should be allright .Any dramas mate PM me.. they let you back in BFG !!..Jeasus..

    They have DTH cable which is better than shite, six part time channels is all you will get.. bring your Sky!!!!!

    Premier footy from setanta is great though.. Man City isn't on much, I wonder why???
  5. Be careful about using a BFPO address .. my mate just lost his Sky 3 days before crimble trying to sort a prob out..bad karma!!

    And he did the old" we're allowed now b0llocks" and they f0cked him and his signal off!!
  6. Hence my last :roll:
  7. I Know ..I Know.. by the time I constructed a half decent coherent reply, time had passed me by...big time!!

    a couple mates have used "Arthur" and had no probs??

    Going out now... Tchuss and a merry new easter ..Hic
  8. In a lot of the quater area's there are cable boxes available with a small package of channels, There is now BFBS boxes out with a few channels on them, not much, though they are improving all the time. I however have Sky and keep my contract with them in a UK address, I still think that sky is the best option. Give one of your lads a shout when you get there or purchase a SAT Finder from Media Markt or Saturn. Hope this helps.
  9. you can buy one of those stands (for balcony or ground) for a satty dish, also a point meter (just remember the following)
    the dish needs to point south, and approx 45 degrees clearance to see the satty, in english the tallest obstacle (vertical) needs to be the same distance horizontal) with the sat meter you should find the bird with in minutes.
    if you need any further info pop along to maplins (they have all the kit) or drop me a line
  10. Sky & Germany does NOT mix. You have to be a UK resident. However, let's just say that Sky isnt too overactive in investigating us over here as long as we use our brains. Take your box and card with you, plug it in and away you go. (assuming dish already in place). Keep it registered to a UK address and nobody should ask any questions.

    Your only issue is the Telephone line. If your box is still within the 1st year then you have to stay connected to your UK phone line. I hear you can opt out but have to pay for this? Not sure. Have a look on Digital Spy for better info. The link is:

    Basically do what you like but dont get caught! and dont take the pi*s and use a BFPO address. You are just asking for them to cut you off.
  11. Use your parents or inlaws address if you want to keep the sky contract. Or you can cancel your contract and just keep the card for the freeview channels, BBC ITV channel 4+5 etc. You can get Sky Sports 1+2 with BFBS
  12. A friend of mine tried "matregs" idea (BFBS only) and thought it was a winner. A few months went on and they soon caved in and used their parents address again. Sky+ is addictive. Once hooked you cant live without it :) BFBS is OK up to a point but it is only a barebones service.
  13. cheers for all the help have squared sky away using father in laws add up in north east all flats in hohne have dishes and socket already fitted so quids in

    just got to sort the bloody movers out now ogh well never ensds does it
  14. mate i have sky at my house in uk, just looked out the window and its looks quite clear, not a cloud in the sky.

    you should have sky in dingland aswell, shouldn't have a problem getting it, i've had it wherever i've been.

    taxi for one
  15. alb

    alb Clanker

    One last top tip for your Sky connection is increase the size of your dish to at least 100cm. If you do this you will not lose the signal during bad weather. You can pick up a dish in most German shops and it won't set you back that much. The mini dish you get in the UK will get you a signal however will not survive contact with a rain or thunder storm.