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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scruff_2, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. OK I know this has been done before but some time ago and I'm after some current advice. Moving to Sennelager in the new year and told I will need Sky. What I want to know is am I restricted to Sky? Can I use a Freesat box? Has any-one used both, if so what gets the better signal? All advice appreciated.
  2. Sky and Freesat both you the same satellite so signal strength will be the same, it's the kit and on-screen guide that is different

    Sky is a monthly subscription Fresat is a one off fee

    Sky has a lot more channels including premium sports and film content

    Both services are technically only available in the UK but you can get around this

    Cheapest solution is to buy a Freesat kit from B&Q or Maplin and take out with you to fit yourself

    There will be local firms that can sort you out down route but beware rip off merchants and ask around to get the best recommendation

    If you want to know more about the choices, buy this month's What Satellite Magazine and read the guides towards the back you'll also find classified ads for companies that can sort you out - most are happy to take a speculative call

    One final thought if you're going to have decent internet speed access at a reasonable price (and you've got a computer of course!) you could just subscribe to a vpn service that makes it look as if you're in the UK (completely legal by the way) then you can watch the BBC iplayer, itv player 4OD etc etc and live tv on (which streams all the major channels live despite its name) - you can't do this without a vpn as they are all blocked outside the country for copyright reasons is good place to get a UK vpn

    Hope this helps

    PM if you need more advice :grin::grin::grin:
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  3. is a good place to get TV over the Internet as well. I've bunged their App onto the iGear and Airplay to an AppleTV plugged into the big telly. Golden.

    ExpatShield will also let you get to iPlayer etc without problem, but it's best to turn it off unless you actually need it - it bungs a banner across the top of your browser and may slow down normal browsing
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  4. Have a look at some of the proper satellite receivers, rather than being tied to the crap that is sky. Have a look at dreamboxes, spiderboxes, eagle box, depending on your budget and technical ability. There is a lot out there if you look.
  5. Film-on. Not impressed, I've just splaffed $200 for a HD service that doesn't work. It's owned by a former British Army officer according to wiki, Alki David. I can see how he made his cash.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Here's what I'd do.

    Go to e-bay & buy a Sky+ HD box,call Sky & ask them to send you a viewing card,tell them you don't have a phone line (might cost you a one off £25 payment) Give them a mobile number for the account.
    Set it up at a mates house & get Sky to activate the card,leave it overnight to update/activate then take it with you to BFG.
    Set it up in your new home.
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  7. I'm still using the free service, and it's great. We had a barful of drunken expats shoveling beer and curry on saturday for the rugby, and no one noticed it was streaming and not HD. Unless you've got a plasma over 42 inches, you wont notice the difference with or without HD anyway.

    I'm watching Stargate SG1 on it right now. Apart from the occasional "session closed due to inactivity message", no problems at all
  8. Our last trip to BFG we had Freesat. Bought a Bush Freesat HD box from Argos for 70 quid. You get all the terrestrial channels you need, plus BBC HD, BBC1 HD, ITV, CH4 HD.

    When you get to BFG, down to Real, Markauf, etc and buy a 80cm dish with an LNB (50-70 odd euro). Buy a sat finder (10-20 euros) and a pole to stick in the garden to mount it on. Its dead easy. (Plus when the kids knock the dish or it gets blown off line you can re-tune it).
    Really heavy rain/snow you might find the signal drops out, but it cost me a lot less than 2 years of SKY.
    Plus our internet connection was 500kb, (DT are dogshit but they have the monopoly unless you go 3G).

    SKY just gets expensive, and even if you get a good initial deal, it will slowly creep up in price. I refuse on principle to ut money in Ecclestone or Premiership tossbags pockets. So it depends how much TV you want to watch and if you want to watch minceball you need sky. If you just want some normal TV, for free and with HD, Freesat all the way.
  9. Do I still need a card for freeview, or can I operate a box without one?

    Can I buy Freeview HD boxes in NAAFI, PRI, SSVC?
  10. Albeit this was 2 years ago, but I've never seen a freesat box in NAAFI or SSVC. When we wanted another on I got a friend back on leave to pick on up from argos.
    You don't need a card or any shit like that. We just bought a house which has a sky dish on the wall. Simply plug Freesat box in and away you go. Oh, do check it comes with an HDMI cable.

    Oh, and don't bother buying expensive sooper dooper HDMI cables, they are largely a waste of time.
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  11. Thanks. I've been thinking about doing this for some time. So the timing of this thread was very fortuitous.
  12. no may about it, it does and quite frankly its a pain
  13. AnonymoX add on for firefox lets you use Iplayer etc. if you set it to UK and Hulu is you set it to US, cost nothing (but you get a banner ad at the bottom of the page you can turn off each time) or for a subscription you get no ads and better service.
  14. Living in ISODET near Munich and wondered if Freesat will work down here to watch UK tv channels? My BFBS box freezes every five minutes and it's bloomin annoying. Anyone got recent BFG experience or knowledge that the sat footprint covers Munich? Ta!
  15. Freesat changed satellites earlier this year and now has a very restricted spot beam. For example, where I live in Spain we can get it with a minimum 1.4 dish but the costa del sol now gets nothing even on larger dishes. You need to check with other people in your area to see what the requirements are now. Most of the western part of Germany looks OK but the south eastern part looks on the edge of the footprint.
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