Sky TV in the block at Merville Bks?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by helmdd, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Anybody know if there's any truth to this, or when it might be coming in?

    I'd be suprised if any of the Toms can afford the monthly subscription...
  2. When i was on the insight course for paras i was told the rooms had sky tv in them.. internet access too.. pretty cool!
  3. It's in. Rooms were wired for satellite tv from start. Up to the toms to get a subscription going with sky.
  4. Yes, and the Sgt brings you tea in bed in the morning :)
  5. So all the lads need to do is buy a Sky box and that's that?
  6. I'm bloody gutted I'm missing St Georges day, bacon sandwiches and beer brought around the block in the morning. Instead I'll be in Brecon being woken by another broken GPMG. :roll:
  7. All they have to do is contact Sky, set up a normal subscription £20-40 a month, free telephone and broadband, monthly direct debit and off they go.
  8. Would they be able to suspend payment while away on ops?
  9. I used to work with Sky and it was pretty difficult to suspend payments. Maybe they would make allowances for the armed forces, But i Couldnt tell you 100%
  10. Aren't Sky and the Sun newspaper (forces favourite - stealer of "Help for heroes" reflected glory) linked at the top of the managerial tree?

    If I've heard right then isn't there a moral case for Sky giving discounted rates and allowing payment holidays for Forces personel whilst deployed?

    Somebody with some clout should ask the question.

  11. Before anybody gets sucked into signing up for subscriptions with Sky, or any other satellite provider, I suggest they check with their QM.

    The problem in Merville Barracks is not receiving satellite services, but rather in the installation of the receiving dish. The buildings in Merville are owned by RMPA, not the MoD, and the last time I looked no permission had been granted to allow soldiers to install dishes in/outside their SLA.

    A solution may have now been found, but a staff check, before committing to anything, would not be wasted effort.