Sky TV in Germany.

I've been trying to get Sky for my married quarter in Germany but keep coming to dead ends. What's the best way woithout paying a fortune through a German company?
Commit fraud mate, 8O :D
Get your parents/grandparents or your wifes side who dont have sky to get it installed
(you pay for this for them) then go home on leave uninstall it for them and take it back to germany
reinstall in your home job done just dont ring sky and say that your in germany :D


Agree with above. Alternatively check out sixth sence on NAAFI notice board for some-one selling a box with free to view card.
When I was in Traz (2000) I got sky through the SSVC - they had a conract with some go-between company in the uk who registered me with sky and sent me out the sky box - sky sent me the card to my german address - only problem was I got the dish from SSVC and had to install it myself. Oh and as I didn't have a phone line no porn was available! (or pay per view footy)
You used to be able to use a 9volt and the telephone lead to get them for free (upto about 50 quids worth but then you couldnt plug the box in as it would register what you had) but as you now get your bfbs box all the fitba's free anyhow :D
If you already have box and card from a previous UK unit, then register as 'moved house' to your in laws, girlfriends etc and then set up as usual in Germany. Luckily some MQs have Sky dishes installed and providing you have a box and card you are quids in. This is unlike Cyprus where I had a dish the size of Jodrell Bank on a concrete base in the garden!!
When I was lucky enough to be enjoying the wads of LOA in the land of milk and honey I registered my BFPO address with SKY as normal but added the post code for Mill Hill Depot - NW7 1PX. Dunno if this is still extant.

Sky were cool about it as all they needed was a postcode, no phone line though, therefore no PPV.

I did have some mail sent direct to the CO by some errant postie obviously wanting to get me pinged for doing this, but his [CO] attitude was to ask why my mail was being addressed to him.


You can have a 'No Phone Line Install' which costs an extra £25.If I remember back to my Sky TV Installers course,This is because the Sky box is subsidised by British Interactive Broadcasting,as you dont have a phone line they are'nt going to 'recover' the cost of the box thru PPV ext.

Best place to buy the kit;

FREESAT Sky Box & Minidish (Thomson DSI4214 & FREESAT Card);

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