Sky TV in Cyprus

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by VicMackey, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Posted to Cyprus in a few months. Does Sky TV work there and whats the best way to get it? (i.e. Is it best to bring it from the UK?)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Well it will work but you would need a massive dish.

    Check out

    theres lots of info there
  3. I thought the 'box' had to be permanently connected to a BT line so they could check it had not gone walkabouts?
  4. Our box has never been connected to the phone line since the day it was installed - works fine.

  5. It only needs to be connected to a phone line if it's part of the contract.
  6. It's been in my contract since I got it (in Germany), but it never happened! What are they going to do, cancel your contract? they're falling over themselves to retain customers as it is.
  7. They also use the phone line to let you watch pay per view, but if it isn't connected (like mine) you can use the good old 9v square battery trick, ahem, apparently you can get films/sport for free using it - not that i have ever tried it
  8. A twelve foot dish is what you need. Cyprus is on the edge of the footprint; the signal is weaker hence a bigger surface area to angle more electro wavey thingies into the amp.

    The JOCC in Epi has one, and so does the Buckaneer pub in Erimi Village.
  9. You don't need your phone line connected to receive pay per view. I never missed a live footy match when I was in Germany, and I activated them all by phoning up Sky and being directed through a load of key pressing options. I never even had to speak to an operator.
  10. for free?
  11. My boss had sky when we were based in Episkopi, mind you his back garden looked like frikkin NASA. He needed a massive dish.

    If you are posted to Epi, go to visionhire in camp where all the shops are and they should be able to square you away.

    Won't be cheap mind.

    Cheers N_W.
  12. Thanks for the advice! Will look into it when I get there.
  13. No, they ask you to key in your Sky viewing card no. and it comes off the following month's bill.
  14. You only get it for free until your box is plugged into a phone line - then everything that you should have been billed for all comes in at once.

    No problem if you never connect to a phone line.
  15. It basically works like this:

    If you have bought a sky package which included a set top box you are contractually obligated to have the box connected to a UK land line for the length of the initial contract (12 months).

    If you have Sky multi-room then all boxes must be connected all the time to the same UK land line.

    If you are outside of the initial contract or have bought the box separately, then you are not required to connect to a phone line.

    As Sky are only licenced to broadcast to the UK, all Sky customers must be registered to a UK address.

    As long as Sky can claim plausible deniability to the equipment being outside of the UK, they are not going to try to hard to find out – money is money!

    If you are supposed to be connected to a phone line and you aren’t Sky will send you about 3 letters (about a month apart) to your UK address, then block your card.