SKY TV in Brussels

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Outstanding, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. I am going to NATO HQ in Brussels, can I get Sky TV there? Does anyone know any companies that do SKY legitimately outside UK?
  2. Oh come on.

    If you can get it in JHQ, you can get it in Brussels.

    You'll need it too, as there is the square root of fcuk all else to do in Evere.
  3. There are companies that will organise a card for you - you pay them, they pay sky kind of thing. How legit it is i couldnt tell you. You can also get a sat receiver that will give you all the free to air channels without needing a card. You might be able to use the system you've already got for that. You may also need a slightly larger dish but you should be able to speak to people who are there and get sorted.
  4. Furthest east I have seen sky beamed from UK is Moscow.
    Owner of a bar there paid for card in UK,it worked as well.
    He got the signal boosted by complaining he couldnt get it in some eastern flung part of UK.
  5. Just take the system that you have at the minute and set the dish up yourself. (You can get a sat finder for your dish dirt cheap). Just keep an eye on the signal strength in the setup mode on your sky system as you move the dish. Once its gone high you have got sky in brussels.
    Keep your sky account registered in a uk address (a family address will do. You can have up to 2 per house hold) and you wont have any drama's.
    I've been doing it for years in different countries.
    Dont go with one of those rip off companies. All they do is the same as i have just said but will charge you over double for the privilidge.
    Good luck and happy veiwing.
    Any problems PM me.
  6. Never mind that shower - you want to make sure you can receive Al Jazeera International - knocks spots of whatever Murdoch's acolytes can produce.
  7. Tried on of these guys they want 400 pounds plus to provide the service. Then ytou pay the subscription, SKY should wake up to being scammed and provide a military service in Europe.
  8. brussels should be easy, take your sky package with you (dish and receiver) and a pointing meter, point the dish south watch the meter (ok south south east) it worked in the FRY back in 95 on a standard dish 60-80cm(although the horizontal was a bit weak)
  9. I have that all working and can get freeview stuff no probs, what I want is a sky subscription without getting ripped off!
  11. I have been looking into Sky for the last week and contacting different providers who can offer the subscription service and they either want massive delivery charges, they cannot provide the right services or they prices are just a rip-off.

    I am still waiting for replies from a couple of companies and hopefully they will be more helpful

    I contacted Sky last year when I was in BFG, obviously I didn't tell them I was out there but the reason they quoted was international licensing laws.

    Just another case of being treated like crap.
  12. Right.

    The easist way to do this is to go back to UK and buy a system (if you need to, get it fitted to a relatives house even for one day).

    Unbolt, take it to Belguim and fit yourself (It took me 15 mins to set up in BFG).

    Its' not hard or expensive :roll:

    Edited to add, click on BFG 9000's sig block to get £50 off (online deal).
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Why do you want sky, its mostly sh1t anyway? Belgian cable TV gives you BBC 1, 2, Prime, world and CNN. Some packages give you Sky News if you want it. As well as Discovery, Nat Geo etc. Dutch and Belgian channels with most programming in English and all for about 7 euros a month.
  14. Sod Brussels,
    What about Naples?