Sky Talk. Never Again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Judge_John, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Decided to sign up to this Sky talk deal as Im a Sky customer. First phone bill came in and yes a great saving.

    Forgot to pay the bill as I was away and the service was restricted on the phone so I couldnt dial out, Not a problem I called and payed straight away on my credit card.

    I payed this 3 days ago, My phone is still restricted!!. I called Sky talk and immediatley cancelled the service.

    Fortunatley I could still use the BT service by dialing 1280 before the phone number.

    Not impressed with Sky at all!.
  2. In my personal opinion, all these companies be it T.V, phone, utility catalogues etc will do you over royally if just one bill is paid late, regardless of circumstances or previous payments.
    And to make matters worse when you do try and pay you get put through to an 'advisor' who cant understand you and vice versa.
    To put it bluntly, they all grit my sh#t.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    With Sky it can take up to 8 working days for them to recieve the dosh!(so I was told by a chap when my Sky was cut off last month<they had'nt got my payment,and as I worked for Sky at the time I used the Engineer Direct Line>)
    Before NTL made me redundent last Sept after 7 years,early on,I got sent to disconnect a woman for non payment & collect all the cable stuff.I called at the house,she'd just lost a relative,had got the red letter & payed up including the reconnetion fee (which she showed me!!!) & yet,when I phoned the office,I was told to disco her!!Needless to say,I left her connected but as her phone had already been tossed the was nothing I could do about that.What urined me off tho was she still had 10 DAYS left to pay up!!!
    Greedy cnuts!!I'm glad I'm out of it!
  4. I got a 'free' upgrade' on my NTL broadband 6 months into my contract, When i went to disconnect to move to germany they told me i had, had my contract extended.

    Fortunatly my father gets all his services from NTL and he told them he'd move it all to Sky if they didn't sort it.

    Shock horror it got sorted that day
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Any problems go to & pm dexter.He'll sort you out.
  6. I checked with online banking and my payment certainly cleared the day I payed it.!
  7. Moral of the story: Pay your bills you pikey
  8. LOL far froma Pikey old chap. I used to be a fan of direct debit until Vodafone decided to DD twice in one day. They too were cancelled forthwith!.
  9. The evil band of rogues.

    I'll warrant that sent you into a proper fizz and temper, I'm jolly glad I wan't Chris Gent the day they did that.
  10. Slightly off topic as not telephone:

    Demon Internet DD me twice in one day while I was away in hospital having treatment, this put me overdrawn and the bank charged me £50.00 but did recall the extra payment.

    I recieved a letter from Demon saying they had made a mistake and if bank charges were incured they would pay them, while trying to get the bank charges back they DD me twice again, so I am now trying to get £75.00 back from Demon, They now have a Indian call centre that does not understand you or ignore you or say they have credited your bank account but have not.

    Have transfered my internet connection to another provider and I am now almost at the stage of a small claims court action against Demon.

  11. Go for it, you have a cause for it. Pop down to your local County Court and obtain the correct forms. Pay the fee and A summons is then sent out to the Demon who may choose to pay up in full. However, they also have the option to admit part of the claim and pay that part or request to pay by instalments, or may also dispute the claim in its entirety, which is very doubtful.

    If any part of the claim is disputed, the matter goes to a Court hearing where the evidence is heard.

    Just give the court this address to serve the summons:

    322 Regents Park Road,
    N3 2QQ.
    United Kingdom

    Good luck.
  12. I hope it wasnt for anything serious?
  13. You blatant porky pie-er

    cait wrote
    In all fairness to DD internet I don't think they did it out of spite knowing that you were going to hospital.

    Larger companies have better things to do than cross reference hospital registers with client files..... For example I want to hospital over the weekend and when I checked the balance on my account noone had double debitted me... theres your proof.

    Was it cancer?