Sky Sports in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by marco_poloroid, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Sky 1 now. For another 30 mins. Hopefully it will repeat.
  2. Is a repeat I think.
  3. On Anytime.....
  4. The press only report what others are saying. The people who should be attacked are the politicians and ones who are half asleep telling us not to worry, as the soldiers (still) are crushing the al-qaida. Maybe the Sun wants their readers to take it out on asians who live in Britain, who have not got onto the wrong side of the law.
  5. You do realise this was actually British soldiers talking you twat. Back to yer cell and yes sir it is padded. night night.
  6. British_and_Proud, this prick has been putting stupid and facetious comments on all the Afghanistan threads today (in particular an obnoxious comment on thread about a dead French Marine). Looks like he only joined today - probably sitting around at home bored because his media studies course hasn't restarted yet and thought he'd lord over 'those thick old squaddies'. He has no place on this site and the Mods should block him.
  7. I saw it really good if i had a family member in the army away n i saw him on tv id be so proud n it would give me somthing to know he is ok :)