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I've finally decided to get Sky+ but was wondering whether or not to pay the bit extra and get the HD with it. Has anyone got Sky+ HD and is it worth the extra few quid each month? Are there a decent selection of HD channels yet? I'd be particularly interested to know if the History or Discovery channels are available on HD. I've had a look at the Sky website but it wasn't too clear.


I got Sky+ HD a few months ago upgrading from normal Sky+ (which is still bloody good!). You can definitely see the difference (my tv is 42" 1080i resolution) and it's worth it on a big tv. The HD channels are quite good too: Discovery, History, Nat Geo, UKTV History, Sky One, Sky Movies (quite a few), BBC, Channel 4, etc... The documentary channels are the best ones and tend to show programmes that are only on the HD channel. Sky One has got some good shows starting soon too (24, Lost, Ross Kemp return to Afghanistan), which will look good in HD.

The Sky+ HD box looks nicer too!


hope2421 said:
Get Virgin + its better and cheaper then Sky.

Not much use if VM is'nt in your area or VM's network wont support DTV,Like Londonderry & other area's. :roll:

Is Sky+HD worth it?Yes imho.But ensure the install is done correctly,if you have Sky already & the existing cable is over a year old or has been damaged,ensure the installer replaces it.
If the Sky+/HD box goes faulty,even within the first year, & has to be replaced,you will get a RECONDITIONED SECOND HAND unless you insist & threaten with Sale of Goods Act.(this also applies to standard boxes)
Hope this helps,
(Ex NTL/VM & Sky engineer)
Go for the Sky HD especially if you have a 1080p full hd telly


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Thanks. That pretty much settles it then. I've got a Samsung 32" 1080dpi tv so should be able to reap the benefits. Went into John Lewis yesterday and compared BBC HD and BBC side by side. Quite a difference. I've only got freeview (built in to the tv) at the moment so should get all new cables and bits.

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