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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by box-of-frogs, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. my Sky+ has started playing up today. The clock seems to have 'lost' 7 minutes. Am unable to see any channel listings and it didn't record a programme earlier. Anyone else having this problem? Is it the box or the signal?
  2. fair one - will see how it is tomorrow.

  3. Mine did that the other day, I just turned it off at the wall for a few minutes then back on and it was ok, give that a bash.

  4. Power re-set ongoing!
  5. power re-set works. Nice one JD!
  6. That will be £70 call out fee thanks!!
  7. Sure, just post your name and address and i'll pop a cheque in the post! :wink:
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    If it repeatedly happens,then try a software download.
    Turn of power at the mains then turn power back on while press & hold the back up button until all the lights on the front come on.You'll get an on screen message,when tht goes (about 10 min) wait 2 min,turn off/on power &
    tht should sort it.
  9. mine did that last night at 2100hrs ish whilst watching jetstream on 531. Its not a software problem, as i discovered when i flicked over to the w@nk channels as the time there is correct.
  10. I have a different problem with Sky+ I wonder if anyone can help with?

    Whenever I watch recorded films, the volume is really low, to the point where I have to turn the tv to almost full volume to hear them. This only really happens with films, normal programs seem to work fine.

    Is this a ploy of Sky to stop you copying the films and selling on? or do I have a problem?



  11. Yup, with the advent of DVD R's whenever a movie is on one of their dedicated channels they will mess it about so you can't copy it, they used to make the picture funny colours but now its the sound they fcuk up.

  12. Thanks Jack, thought as much.
  13. I recently got SKY.Had it for a month and then moved new landlord wont let me have a dish on the wall.Ive got a 6 month contract with sky and 6 month contract with landlord.Im really really happy about it.Sorry,just moaning out load really.
  14. One other problem: there is no problem using the series link on the "terrestrial channels" and it will happily record them and you can copy the whole series onto DVD. But if you series link on the "premium channels" SCi-FI for instance, then it asks for you PIN at the beginning of programmes, so when you go to to copy the whole lot in one go you can end up with hours and hours of "Programme protected, enter PIN - - - -." as it asks this before each subsequent episode. Cnuts.