sky pilot needed - help please

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by creepy, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Gentlemen, the Junior Leaders branch has their reunion at Dover on the 3/4/5 October, and we need a Padre or at least someone able to preside over a drumhead service at the site of Old Park Barracks, where we have a memorial cairn. The Sunday is the day we need the fine fellow as we lost our own Padre and are now desperate.
    Any help or possible contact numbers greatly appreciated, cheers.
  2. Thats a shame, where did you last have him. Have you tried behind the couch?
  3. What ever happened to Baz Pratt, Padre in 1977/78 rode a Vincent Motorbike, kept it in the Church ?
  4. A grin just spread over my old wrinkled face! I was a JL 1975/76 and well remember Baz Pratt ... going to church parade and Baz was outside chatting to a bunch of the wildest looking bikers in the world and then rode said bike into church. Mad as a barking hat stand!
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Check PM
  6. Have you tried the church in Dover castle St Mary's in the castle? The vicar there used to be provided by the Army.

    As for those mentioning Basil Pratt he was last heard of as retired. Fantastic bloke came out to a Battlegroup Drumhead Service at Wainwright and started with "Right I know all the officers want to Fu*k off out on exercise but now is my time and you buggers will sing!"

    I bet there are hundreds of stories about him.
  7. creepy,

    i live in dover and have a few contacts. if you haven't had any luck pm me, and i'll email some folks i know on mon. does it have to be a military padre, or would any man o the cloth do? not promising, but will have a go.

  8. folks, thanks for all your help, now sorted! We've been saved from the possibility of one of us reading out loud and trying to sound sincere!
    thanks Gentlemen, and those of you having happy memories of Dover and boy service, join the Branch and get on the p*ss with us.
  9. I thought he was the padre at JLR when i was there in 1984/85, he tought me to ride a rattly old CanAm Bombardier motorcycle on the parade square. Can we persude him then
  10. good news. would love to join you afterwards, but i was an apprentice. ;-)
  11. My two favourite memories of Basil Pratt are watching him walking up the centre of Holborn road (AAC Arborfield 1972-1975) saluting to the right and left with both hands at the same time.

    Secondly informing the assembled gathering parents, generals and all at a passing out parade that he was fully aware of what the apprentices called him behind his back,
    "Baz the Spaz!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also remember the bike, fully faired Vincent Black Knight. He used to ride it around while wearing his full vicars gear. Quite a sight with that lot blowing in the wind.

    A true character and a great friend to all the apprentices in need of his care.