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"Over There"

New Drama series about Spams in EyeRack

From Radio Times:

The latest from US TV icon Steven Bochco, creator of Hill Street Blues, LA Law and NYPD Blue, follows a unit of rookie soldiers in Iraq. It caused a storm in the USA: although this first episode broke ratings records for cable TV, the series hasn't been recommissioned, with audiences disliking either the gore or the "unpatriotic" portrayal of soldiers as confused and ill-trained. Bochco's stated aim was to make a non-political drama and, while that's hardly feasible, he concentrates on characterisation, with only the odd burst of war-porn action. If the scripts can get over tonight's lapses into innocent-young-hero cliché, the young cast - led by former ER star Erik Palladino - is promising.
Nice fire fights lots of dead choggis the guy getting his torso blown up by grenade launcher was cool two legs just standing there for a moment :) . Though if thats how they actually work which i doubt its suprising any of them come home (walking slowly towards enemy while firing went out long before 1914 didnt it ?)
The bit were one of the grunts sends an video e mail home all poetical and emotional , cut to it arriving on laptop while his missus is getting a nice portion from denzel .made my missus laugh .
Its no tour of duty and ultimate force was funnier .No wonder it only had one season .
had enough of it after the first half hour and turned over; it was f*cking awful................... every stereotyped character out of every vietnam war movie since "the boys from company C " was in there; no doubt the anti war/ pro palestinian / gay lesbian single mothers against the bomb brigade will love it..............
There are some good bits in it , I've seen the series, and made some comments on it, either in here or the Int Cell.

The RPG through the truck window in one episode is a "rewind and watch that again" moment.

It is cliche ridden,"Ok the boss is a tosser , but hang on , he's just demonstrated a human kindness , I think he'll fit in from now on, hang on , is that an RPG gunner creeping up......" there is also lot of moral messaging in there, and some very very shocking moments.

Has the episode with the VCP aired yet?
It's already been cancelled- they just about managed to complete the first season. Turns out that even the Spams figured out that it was tacky crap.
On balance, it was just as well it got sh*tcanned , because the story was deviating so far from real-life. Shame though , Mrs. B is hot, in a trailer trash tacky slut kinda way :D

Fox should spend the money on giving a decent series a second chance like errrrr Firefly :D
Watched it last night on Sky2.Quite amazing,stuck behind a mound of earth,Blatting away with thousands of 5.56mm without a single re-load in sight.Then when the girl who was taking a leak & got bumped's rifle being blown up & landing in front of them.Then the roadside bomb....You just knew what was going to happen......
I think Stephen Bochco should stick to NYPD Blue. At least Oliver Stone,when he made Platoon had some Vietnam experience to draw on.

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