SKY Now - Retired VSO's filmed claiming able to secure contracts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Monday should be interesting....
  2. The story stated that 'retired' military officers claimed they could 'influence' these contracts.

    Unless they're talking about bribing people on the inside, I imagine it's quite common for retired officers to consult on the subjects they're most knowledgeable about.

    Non story?
  3. The SKY news ticker uses the term 'secure', so I'll have to go with that until such time as I can get a copy of the times.
  4. How else could you explain some of the dross that's been bought/issued over the years.
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  5. Has anything bar the fresh air carriers been bought in the last decade that wasn't a UOR?
  6. Pretty standard - and entirely proper - for the defence primes to get retired 2* and upwards on board, not just for access, but also for advice. The procurement process, even for UORs, is so locked down that it'd be bloody hard to exert improper influence - and, I'd judge, impossible to get away with it, someone would inevitably drop the bubble on you if you did succeed in doing so. Something of a non-story, I reckon.
  7. I would imagine that quite a few senior people are hoping it's a "non-story"...........
  8. Like the 'Wildcat' helicopter that needs to be crewed by primordial dwarfs!!

    'Oh, that's what we need, a helicopter designed and built to support ships and give it to the Army to lift troops!...did I say troops? I meant 'a troop!'
  9. That list of equipment is so long there arent enough hours in the Day to type it out.
  10. I'd be impressed if true. At best a retired VSO brings some contacts and an understanding of how the system works which is current for maybe 12-18 months until the next restructure.
    I've never seen any evidence that any retired officer is able to influence the system in the slightest.
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  11. Westlands...
  12. I was hoping you would have some comments on this jim30...sometimes hard to separate what people actually have influence over as opposed to what they BOAST about having influence over, in the hope some mug will give them money/favours/holidays. Still not right, but obviously not in the same league!
  13. What the **** are you babbling about? What's not right? Influencing buyers is called sales and marketing, and it's an essential part of legitimate business.

    As for holidays and favours, I think you'll find consultants are normally paid by cheque or bank transfer, having first issued an invoice.
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  14. *Runs back to hide in his box*