Sky News wants your tributes to the fallen in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by skynews, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Sky News has launched a new tribute page for the fallen members of the British military in Afghanistan. There is a chance to put tributes up for individuals or for the military as a whole. The address for the site is:

    We hope that people will be able to go the site to add in their tributes and memories
  2. So you can filter out the ones from families and pass the names onto the Sun for more gutter exploitation of grieving parents? Low.
  3. Just Sky news trying to gain more viewers. Sickening.
  4. I think, due to editorial policies across News Corp, Sky News is one of the least appropriate places for us to pay tribute to our mates.
  5. One for the grief whores, they'll be all over it.
  6. My bold. Forgive my ignorance Sangreal, what are they and what is the problem with them? I tend to watch Sky News in pref to News 24 and rarely see any problem.

    How the world changes- It seems only a couple of years ago on Arrse that there were threads/ posts along the lines of 'the public just dont care' have no idea what is really going on in Helmand'.
  7. This is just a sensationalist thing that Sky is doing to gain popularity.
  8. Nope, they are probably just gearing up for the big "100 Killed this Year Alone!" etc.
  9. hmmm the blood is in the water and the media feeding frenzy is about to begin.
    Sad really sad, more crocodile tears from this 'News' organisation
  10. My bold again. I agree, but this has been going on for years now- since the early days of Iraq, and it's only going to increase as we get closer to an election after which such matters will be dropped like a hot rock.

    Is anyone going to start watching Sky News because they have set this tribute thing up? I doubt it.
    Will it be used by grief tourists? Possibly but you would need to read what people post.
    Crocodile tears? Depends on your point of view, take it for whatever you think it is.

    Five years ago this sort of thing would probably not have happened. We wanted the public to be more aware, and over the years the whole rememberance thing has gained in strength. I have noticed the increased numbers attending the parade each year. This is has happened because ordinary people have become more aware of what they owe to generations of servicemen and women. Like it or not the media has played a massive role in this. Ok, it is true that the media has done this for thier own end, but we have benefited.
  11. News Corporation is Murdoch's parent company that owns (through subsidiaries), amongst other things, Sky News and The Sun. I don't think I need to ellaborate on their policies suffice to say they are more at home to profit and the Dirty Digger's whim than they are to showing genuine remorse to our mates who have died on Ops.
  12. Why just Afghanistan, I have lost friends in other deployments, what about them ? are they now to be forgotten just because it's not news worthy ?.
  13. That is an excellent point! When you emailed them to suggest that they extend the scope of the page, what did they say?
  14. BROMLEYBOY / 762baynet
    Dudes, check your facts first! They DO have a tribute page just for this! You can pay your respects to friends lost in other deployments too! It's here:

    I hadn't seen the site until I read this thread but I think you're seriously off the mark. Have you actually seen it? Have you read the tributes? They're really moving. Whatever reason Sky did it (yeah yeah, Murdoch & money, whatever!) it is actually being used by people who really care and that's the most important thing! I lost one of my best mates two years ago and his photo was there along with a tribute from his mum that actually made me cry - I know her well and I know how much she still misses him! I don't care why they're doing it (although I don't know how they can make money from this as its free to use!) but I think it's really great.

    I suggest you check your facts before slamming it. I am going there now to add my respects to my mate! He'd be so damned angry at your comments though - it's you who isn't giving them respect, not Sky!
  15. Hmmm...One post. A glowing (verging on sycophantic) advert for Sky News website. Reference to 'Dudes'.

    I smell a rat.

    Do one you Sky News rubber desk johnny! :twisted: