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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Have just read a few reports on the very tragic events today. Why can't they let things be, why do they have to add to the pain and suffering families and friends are already going through.

    They aren't the only ones to blame, the BBC implied which cap badge the female wore, god rest her soul. No doubt many put two and two together and realised their friend had died.

    I expect confirmation of this sad news in the morning and the realisation that the TA has lost 4 soldiers (from the same unit) within a month.

    RIP all of them, my thoughts are with your family and friends.
  2. The death of any soldier, male or female, TA or Regular, is an occurrence of immense sadness and once again reinforces the message of sacrifice that the Army is making.
  3. Mod - do you want to PM explaning what was wrong with my post? It was a genuine question.
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  5. Thank you. That explains Polar's oblique comment.
  6. thanks msr.
  7. I'm not sure here Polar so feel free to correct me; the report states that four soldiers were killed yesterday. 3 of the deceased come from 23 SAS(V), 1 soldier was from the Intelligence Corps. I believe the Int Corps loss was a reg, so are you saying that a 4th soldier from 23 has been killed within the last month? Was that JT?
  8. Yes JT was TA SAS.
  9. Mark check PMs
  10. What I find is also anoying about these tragic events is in this particular case from the first reports of it happening, to the report I have just watched the female soldier is/was being refered to variously as " an officer, sergant and corporal. I the latest report as an officer and corporal in the same paragraph. Whats so difficult about getting it correct though I hear the comments already, " A corporal is an officer ( non commisioned) but you know what I mean. The first reports were of a female officer involved, this may have triggered worry if someone has a relitive or friend in the I corps who was a female officer. Does not the MOD and the media not have a responsibility to get their facts ultra correct reporting these terrible events. Especially after this elapsed time. God rest their souls. Gordon Brown may you rot in Hell along with all your government. :(
  11. OTOH. I have been watching the Sky News "Queen and country" reports over the last few days and IMO they are supportive in general.

    Again though. Is it not a tad hypocritical to be more concerned over a female dying than a male? Damned if I know. I am the same. It does seem worse to me for a woman to be killed. I am probably being a hypocrite.

    When it comes to reporting standards though, I do tend to agree. Things would be better if the news sources waited until they had all the facts (and NOK had been informed) before reporting. Otherwise it causes unnecessary worry to family.

    Good luck to all our troops. I hope they all come home safe. Bless em all.
  12. At least they mentioned their names this time. I only knew about JT via a arrse pm, because of the unit very little details were being made available.

    Not being able to talk about it - was very difficult, had a little comfort with facebook but reading his families/friends comments on there, was difficult.

    Its one TA parade I pray I never do again. I'm so sorry that other people have to go through this.

    Anyway, their were three nuns .........
  13. :x At the end of the day the news should have "a duty of care" to report the corret information about a person or persons every time they talk about soldier's (TA or Reg), even more so when the soldier's there reporting about have lost there life serving this ungrateful country. They should be fined and publicly disgraced every time they get the info wrong and or let information out before familys have been told of the tragic news. The same should apply when they slate the armed forces and or cap badges, they havn't earned the right, but we (the armed forces) have more than earned the right to respect from the press and the public alike. :x
    My heart sinks everytime I hear of one of our own not able to come home to there family. :(
  14. The media always does the same thing on my side of the pond also. They always seem to use officer for both NCO's and commissioned.
    The (now former) wife was an officer in the USN. I remember at the time of Grenada she was livid when "Time" magazine hit the news stands with a cover picture of a dead pilot and the family saw the magazine before the services could notify the family.

    However I do recall hearing that a reporter had learned of the fact that, several days befoe the invasion, elements of a SEAL team were in the attic of the Governor Generals house, providing comms to US and UK for the Governor. The reporter was advised that if he broke the story it was likely that the SEALS, Governor and family would be killed and he did hold the story.