Sky news reporter just hit the nail on the head

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. just watching sky new, the reporter was doing a bit on the leaked memo by Sir Richard Dannatt, and at the end he said the Gordon Brown as the ex finance chief has now got to make a choice, spend more or do less.......


  2. being an old synic - my money will be on the later option!
  3. I doubt it. As IC Dosh, he could pull tight the purse strings, say it was his job and let others take the fall when policy failed as a result of underfunding. Now, he's in the spotlight he's got no bullet-catcher to take the wrap for him.

    Old habits die hard, and after 10 years of saying no, I doubt he's going to transform overnight into a spendthrift. That won't stop him demanding results from all and sundry. Politicians are like three year olds: they don't care about what something actually costs, they just wannawannawannanow!
  4. or is he going for option 3... spend less, do more :x
  5. No its spend less and get some other poor bugger to do more.
  6. If a Sky News reporter has just hit the nail on the head, he ought to be worried about his job. My advice to him is to keep a low profile for the next few weeks......
  7. I for one, am glad that he said the right thing and not just the 'politically correct' thing.

    I am so sick of papering over the cracks when it comes to inspections etc - why cant we simply just fix the fukcing problem - its a no-brainer!
  8. Rather unfair to three year olds; I know they can be annoying little b@stards, but at least they will only make a mess of, say, your living room - not the whole fcuking country!
  9. To the best of my Knowledge El Gordo's Father ( Yes he had one) was a strict 'Presbiterian' minister.
    He thoughts on the suffering of the African people affect young Gordo and the boy never grew out of it.
    Give him a chance and he'll blow the lot on hus pet dreams and TOM poor TOM can just go whisle dixcy.