Sky News Live - disgusted of Tunbridge Wells...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by trickywoo, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. I'm not sure if it's all that new but this morning Sky News showed the 'live' discovery of the bodies in one of the light aircraft which went down yesterday. For once, I was shocked. How would a relative feel watching the dicovery of their dead father? Surely this really isn't news, it's just utterly blatant 'grief tourism'?
  2. I watched BBC news this morning but I wonder how any child would deal with seeing a dead body 'live' on TV. This surely has to be the height of irresponsibility if they did actually show a body.
  3. Sorry, not making myself clear as usual. What they showed was a Dr finding a body in the aircraft, they didn't show the actual body. Even so...
  4. Even so ...

    You are quite right, the very least that they could have done is withold the actual footage of the discovery until next of kin had been informed.
  5. This very much reminds me of a shot from the live coverage of 7/7 when they showed a young man being taken into the Hospital being given chest compression, I though it was in pretty bad taste to show a guy who had a very good chance of not making it live on TV, however the footage was repeated again and again on futher bulitens and I often wondered if he pulled through or not.
  6. Just you wait until they go to the families and ask,
    "How did this accident make you feel?"
  7. I wonder that to this day - who was that guy? and did he survive?
  8. Welcome to the cheap seats, televisual schadenfreude.
  9. What makes Sky's coverage all the worse, that when it was first aired, all NOK hadn't yet been informed. The aircraft was identifiable enough for any of those concerned to put two and two together.
  10. People complain when the News take away from the reality of things, people complain when they keep things real. Basically, the Media will always be criticised by someone no matter what they do.