SKY News is reporting Intel of Chemical weapons being moved in Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sidrct, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Not if we are one jump ahead and invade Iraq again.

    Third time lucky
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  2. But, "So what?"

    Unless he fancies doing an al-anfal campaign, he may be moving regieme survival weapons to secure locations?

    US believes Syria is moving part of its chemical weapons arsenal out of storage facilities: Report - Al Jazeera Blogs

    Like SOS says, unless a bunch of people turn up on Al-Jaz coughing their lungs up and peeling their skin off-we in the west aren't much we are going to be able to convince people?

    More likely watch the IDF as a tension indicator as to whether this is a regieme survival issue, internal security matter or preservation of prestiege weapons?
  3. They could be making preperations to destroy them or even hide them in Iran, it's not something you want to get caught with if everything go's tits up and you end up on the wrong side of an international court.
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Presumably includes the Iraqi ones they tucked away for Saddam?

    .. or do I need a tinfoil respirator.
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  5. You are getting your regimes mixed up, what with Saddam being an Arab and a Sunni.

    Iran/Syria have long been best bum chums when it comes to stuff like maintaining each others influence as they are both Shia regimes, they both have shitty finger prints left all over the Lebanon. Iran are very important to Assad as he is the leader of a ruling Shia minority, a reversal of Saddams position.

    I also seem to recall the FSA reporting that they had caught a rather well equiped sniper team who were most certainly of the Iranian persuasion and not Arabs.
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  6. You might but.

    CBRN is not a laughing matter and if reports are true it is going to get messy. As Boumer has mentioned if the IDF or IAF get itchy it's going to get messy real fast.

    I really hated CFT in full noddie, what a bastard.
  7. I dont believe a ****ing word our intelligence says any more...... end of.
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    The dead sea pedestrians are by far the key here. They have almost equal influence over Vlad and President Gibson's dog. They are also notoriously short tempered.

    From what I can tell, the arabs think of themselves as arabs first, and the country is a second consideration. They are Muslims too, and that is where the real schisms are. The Shia (no matter whether Syrian or Iranian) are really looking very carefully at Saudi as they might find far more opposition from them than they would from the west.

    Libya got a caning because Gaddaffi was a cnut. No one liked him apart from Tony Blair, which speaks volumes in itself. Egypt is big enough and nasty enough to sort its own problems out. Iraq quite simply should not have been made a battleground. Granby at least had a point, and that was as soon as the last Iraqi boot left Kuwait, then its job jobbed. The second foray was just nonsense and was hugely destabilising.

    At the moment, I imagine that the diplomatic conversations are a little like this -

    Allo Barry - This is Vlad. How are you? How is the cotton crop this year?

    Hi Vlad. Good to hear ya. We do have someone else in this conversation, its tradition. Its Mr Hague.


    Mr Hague, a rather annoying little slaphead from UK

    Oh him. Yes. The intel files on him just say "******" The latest intel on him goes a little further. "Hague is a ****** led by bigger *******"

    Hague - Good evening Mr Putin

    Now then Barry - shut that little shit up and let us talk Turkey. The country. We will ensure that they really dont do anything silly as we have the Black Sea fleet either end of the Bosphorus and everywhere in Turkey is within range of our fast jets and all we really want from Syria is our naval base. Please fcuk off and dont do anything daft round that area. Its ours and we will look after it. Iran is yours to annoy. Believe me we will be very pissed off if the Syrians start chucking nasty stuff about.

    This is William here, after we have done the Olympics we will mobilise troops and do the warry thing as its popular with our voters.

    Vlad, I'm very sorry, I may have to remind our little bald friend here that unless he shuts up we will turn off the guidance satellite systems for the UK weapons systems. OK Vlad, so if we are in the Gulf of Hormuz and annoying the Iranians, what is next?

    Barry, we have the middle east between us. What can go wrong?

    Um Vlad, there may be a huge problem.

    What is that my old friend, whose troops are getting the same hammering ours did in Afghan?

    Religious extremists my old gulag loving chum.

    Barry - not Muslims? they are a pain in the arse but they are largely fighting amongst themselves, shia against wahhabi, against Sunni.

    Oh fcuk me no Vlad, not centuries old religious conflicts which can never be solved, but real nutters. These nutters can easily get hold of the military capability, including nuclear launch capability including the nuclear arms of the United Kingdom.

    Barry, Vlad, I'm going to speak to you in a very smug and condescending voice - we in the UK have independence over the nuclear weapons we have.

    Vlad and Barry - Like fcuk you have

    OK Barry, what about the nutters -

    Vlad, its bad. These nutters believe that a lost gospel of the bible was found in USA, but no one has ever seen this book. The bastards believe that they can baptise people after death.

    Barry, havent you sent these perverts to a gulag?

    Vlad, one of the bastards may well be president!

    Oh Barry, we are fcuked.
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  9. What about China?
  10. Here we go again...

    New medal anyone?