Sky News - Hostage vows revenge


A Swedish man who was held hostage in Iraq for two months before being released has vowed to take revenge on his kidnappers.

Ulf Hjertstroem, a 63-year-old oil broker, has hired bounty hunters to capture them.

"I want to take them out of the game," he explained.

Mr Hjertstroem shared a cell with another recently released hostage - Australian Douglas Wood.

He said: "I have now put some people to work to find them.

"I have invested about £30,000 so far and we will get them one by one."

Mr Hjertstroem declined to say what fate awaited his kidnappers, but he said two of them had already been captured.

He added: "Vengeance is always important, but that is not my main motive. I want people in Baghdad to be able to walk in the streets again."

Mr Hjertstroem spoke out in the Swedish media about his ordeal.

He described how his captors had killed a number of other prisoners before his eyes. On several occasions they had subjected him to mock executions."

How many or us would do the same if we were in his shoes and had 30 Grand to spare. Fair one I say - hope he gets the lot of 'em
Well done Sir.
The Arab understands revenge its part of his basic make up.
Hunt them down.
I have always been of the opinion that relatively small amounts of Gold will produce results. Not $25 million but a fistful of sovs that can be cashed down local gold souk and so not attract attention.
good for him!

i hope to hell that his "bounty hunters" catch and annihilate each and every one of those murderous vermin! and yeah, if i had been in his position i probably would do exactly the same thing!
He's an idiot to publicise it though. I'm sure sure the kidnappers have more £30,000 to spare and can find some pleasent central Europeans who fancy a holiday in Sweeden.

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