Sky News displays Walt!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Hogfather853, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Just saw this bloke (walt) on the sky news website. Bitching about glowing in the dark or some shit but was really curious about the medals he had on display. Being a sad git i did some
    research and found out they are all commemorative walting medals.

    Nuclear Testing Veterans Take Compensation Claims To Supreme Court Over Radiation Exposure In 50s | UK News | Sky News

    Medals are:

    Allied cross
    Cold war medal
    Maritime service medal
    Nuclear test medal
    Volunteer service medal
    eastern service medal
    Unofficial jubilee medal

    cant make out the others, but needless to say walting cunt!

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  2. Interesting badge on the blue cloth the fat sapper is holding - is anyone allowed to use the Queen's Crown on unofficial emblems without permission?

    Meanwhile, our friend with the made up bling seems to be enveloped in a large bin liner.
  3. This guy came up on the radar before and if memory serves, an ARRSE reader identified it as a Royal Humane Society Lifesaving award of a vintage that this chap could not possibly have earned.

    Edited to read:
    Yes, it's all coming back now, here's a closer view:
    Douglas Hern
  4. Hogfather you are going to have to start working out ,to push me and my bling around on next years Parade ,a mere 6 medals from 26 years service has left me somewhat lacking ,so had a quick look at what I could fill my chest with and I think there is about another 13 or so !! and boy do I deserve them, the Cold war medal ? yes it was fukcing cold on SLTA,BAOR medal !!yes i took a lots of hits ,namely my kidneys and wallet when visiting ladies of the night and scoffing Currywurst.

    COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS (36 ITEMS) - Service Commemoratives - Service Medals, Replica Medals, Ribbons, Ties and Badges
  5. What's he 'walting' as in your opinion?
  6. Eastern service medal?

    Fingringhoe? STANTA?

    Damn, he's rock hard. Wouldn't want to mess with him.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    He is an ill person walt I guess, witnessed testing in '57-58 - 54 years ago, must be well into his 70's now and has not had the decency to contract an obscure form of cancer to prove his case.....
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  8. He claims the exposure made him diabetic IIRC.
  9. Great site i now qualify for another 16 medals so surely i out rank you and as such it should be you wheeling me!
  10. I believe he's qualified because he is actually from Spalding.
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  11. The perfect überwalt gong about town

    Special Air Service Regiment Medal | Australian Medals

    WaltenKommando confidentiality guaranteed:)

    "…Due to the very nature of Special or Elite Force operations, we understand that many will be unable to provide detailed service information and as such we ask that only as much information as possible is provided; and fields requesting information considered to be secret or highly confidential should be left blank. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence by our Medals Office and details will not be disclosed to any third parties, under any circumstances.…"
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree with Bigeye. I think 'bling' medals are a bit sad but he's not pretending to be anything he isn't. I'm not sure how campaigning for compensation for something he thinks has made him ill is 'walting'.

    I met an old boy on Sunday who got an MM at El Alemein. He also had a commemorative Dunkirk Medal and various other badges. Does that make him a 'walt'?
  13. And on the wrong side too!
  14. Actually that was a bit remiss of the blighter. The dreadful old bluffer's clearly disrespecting 'genuine' thyroid cancer victims the World over.