Sky News: Defence Cuts update.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TVEDU_RED, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Defence Cuts: How The Army Will Be Overhauled

    Sam Kiley, defence and security editor

    Under plans drawn up by Lieutenant General Nick Carter the regular Army will number 82,000 by 2020. Reserves will be expanded to 30,000.
    It will be split into Reaction Forces and an Adaptable Force.

    Reaction Forces will be made up of a division of three armoured brigades, each with a tank regiment and two armoured infantry regiments plus an airborne brigade.

    This division will be commanded by a major general and will be responsible for short-term interventions from instant deployment through to a larger dispatch of troops, which could take a year to prepare.

    One armoured battle group and a parachute battle group would be on standby for immediate dispatch to a global emergency.

    The airborne brigade and one mechanised brigade, armed with Warrior fighting vehicles, will be capable of deploying inside three months. Emergency missions would be backed by two regiments of Apache helicopters.

    Adaptable Forces will be made up of seven infantry brigades capable of providing troops for a long-term operation of several years. They will also provide the troops for on-going commitments to ceremonial duties, protecting the Falkland Islands, two battalions based in Cyprus, and one in Brunei.

    This division will depend heavily on reserves soldiers who will be grouped into battalions to shadow the regulars. During a long-term operation, General Carter believes that 30% of forces in the field would be reservists.
    Both parts of the Army will share resources from a new element called Force Troops And Logistics Support.
    This will include one artillery, an engineer, a surveillance, a medical, two signals and two logistics brigades - many of these made up of reserves.

    These reforms are expected to result in the cutting of five infantry battalions and two armoured regiments.
    Defence sources have told Sky News that the largely Welsh Queens Dragoon Guards and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are unlikely to be disbanded, which would put pressure on English cavalry regiments especially the Royal Tank Regiments.

    The Brigade of Guards, Parachute Regiment, and the Gurkhas are also to be spared the axe, sources have said, leaving many of the cuts likely to fall disproportionately on English regiments, especially the Yorkshires and the Mercians.

    Final decisions about where the cuts will fall have not been taken as Downing Street wrestles with the regional political fallout that would follow cutting famous Scottish regiments.

    Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, has suggested that an independent Scotland might need its own army - cuts to Scots units, Westminster fears, would play into his hands. But Scottish regiments have sometimes struggled to meet recruitment targets and bulked up their numbers with soldiers from the commonwealth, especially Fiji and South Africa.

    There is also likely to be some criticism that the Army 2020 proposals have not been radical enough. Some senior officers favoured a more expeditionary role for the Army closely modelled on the US Marine Corps. This would have put the emphasis on quickly deployable brigades rather than the heavy mechanised infantry that form the backbone of the Carter plan.

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  2. Expect a large influx of Yorkies and Lancs into the Royal Regiment of Scotland then...soon to be re-named the Royal Regiment of North Britian.
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  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I cant see how leaving JG untouched can be justified!
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  4. I expect that the Mercians are being hammered because of Baha Mousa. Governments of all flavours tend to dislike being embarrassed at public enquiries. Cameron has apologised for the Army twice now and a measure of revenge will surely follow.
  5. Because they are heroes to a man, and Joanna Lumley will go on TV and shout Ayo Ghurkali again?

    The way I see it is alot of people have these romantic ideas that Ghurkas are the be all and end all of Infanteering. Though, in my experience the majority of them are no better and no worse than any other Infantry soldiers, except the Ghurkas need a translator on courses.
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  6. Interesting dilema in the run upto Salmonds bid for freedom, to keep Scottish regiments at the expense of others while there is a possibility that they will not be part of UK forces within a few years.
  7. They haven't been. They had 600 pax cut earlier this year.

    I note that they have used the term "Airborne" Brigade and not "Air Assault"!..... me likey!
  8. Nothing like operational readyness is there? 3 Months! That is really taking the p**s.
    So, we went from an army that was largely on 24 hrs notice to move (sort of) 25 years ago to one that may be able to shuffle off to some not-too-big conflict in 3 months.
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  9. Interesting, absolutely nothing like the '5 regional brigades' plan the rumour mill chucked about at our end (not that I ever listened of course...). I'll be interested to hear what this means for restructuring of the TA.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sadly not integration into reg units but more of the same just less to do it with!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    They arent really Scottish Regiments anymore, sorry they actually resemble quite closely the ethnic make up of large swathes of Urban Scotland. So I withdraw that first comment. Scotia, no longer the paily willy ginger hedge it was!
  12. as long as the yanks give 3 months notice to what ever yes man is PM it will be fine.
  13. Sounds about right. One thing that has me flummoxed is what is going to be done with the yeomanry (I know, the answer seems obvious fnar fnar), apparently the TA cvr(t) fleet is being replaced with WIMIK etc and the amount of armour training we do reduced. That is going to make the 30% reserves target difficult for armoured regiments is it not?

    The original article is interesting, the 'support' element makes sense but it'll be interesting to see how the 'adaptable forces' thing is going to turn out. What is again slightly confusing is that IIRC FR20 is due for release next week and yet the clear plan for the army as a whole isn't due out until the end of summer.
  14. This is exactly what was briefed at RUSI but with a bit of speculation thrown in. Carters PowerPoint is doing the rounds in the office at the moment.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes and No, remember the Govt wants reserves, so expect all those leaving the reg armd units to be earmarked for the heavy metal and the donkey wallopers can play with LR.