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SKY NEWS-Cyclops To Face Claims Of MoD Cuts At Iraq Inquiry


So,will he dodge the bullet or squirm like a Indiana Jones in a viper pit?Whichever,it'll be interesting to hear what lies & spin he lays down.

Step father of a fallen squaddie currently laying into Labour,Brown & Blair on Sky News.

PM starts squirming at 1000hrs,live on Sky apparently.

Gordon Brown will face tough questions about claims he starved the armed forces of money when he appears at an official inquiry into the Iraq war today.

Several witnesses have told Sir John Chilcot's panel that the Prime Minister did not give the Ministry of Defence enough cash when he was Chancellor.

"There was quite a strong feeling that it was not fully funded," former defence secretary Geoff Hoon said when he gave evidence.

"Part of the way that it was funded was by a commitment to serious efficiencies to the way existing equipment was used to release cash for some of the new acquisitions.

"I think everyone accepted that was a pretty challenging target," he said.

"Certainly, in subsequent Comprehensive Spending Review programmes we asked for significantly more money than we eventually received."

Sir Kevin Tebbit, who was a top civil servant at the MoD, told the hearings they were forced to make "arbitrary" cuts which affected spending on warships, tanks and jets.

"The Treasury felt that we were using far too much cash and in September 2003 the Chancellor of the day instituted a complete guillotine on our settlement," he said.

Mr Brown was initially not scheduled to speak to the inquiry before the General Election. He volunteered to attend earlier after his opponents accused him of avoiding difficult questions before polling day.

He will be asked about his years as Chancellor in the morning before taking questions on his time as Prime Minister in the afternoon.

The inquiry is examining how the UK came to invade Iraq in 2003. It is expected to deliver a final report at the end of the year.


Book Reviewer
I heard from a certain ex-hack that was the darling of Blair (and may have his own Tw@tter account) that Broon has been coached in a number of skills prior to his attendance. These being:

Smile you cnut, don't grimace!
Don't repeat this idea you've got that you saved the world.
Don't talk about your kids.
We know your wife loves you, but she's the only one, and that makes her not very bright, so keep it out of the answers.
Don't give them that religion bollarks - you're a politician, so it's obviously lie. Your predecessor tried it and everyone hates him even more for it.
OK, OK, don't even try to smile, it just won't work.
Yep, keep repeating the lie that the commanders got everything they requested, but FFS, don't grimace while you're saying it - you are liable to die in the chair, literally and messily, in the manner of blood bursting from a number of freshly and violently dug holes in your bloated body.

Well, that's what I heard!
Broon will easily cope with 4 hours of grilling from these dead sheep.

He will waffle on endlessly with prepared answers (not to questions posed). His jaw will wobble hypnotically as he churns through meaningless figures whilst avoiding the questions. He will smear previous witnesses who may have blamed him. He will clunk his fist on the table to drown out any contentious issues and eventually most of the panel will fall into a semi-comatose state at the sheer tedium of his answers.

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