Sky News and Daily Mail find Injured Soldiers story Funny

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Watching a review of the papers at 23.30ish tonight Sky led with the DT's story that 5000 soldiers were waiting on NHS lists. Both SKY presenters and John McEntee of the Telegraph and some unknown caled Kim Fletcher poo poohed the idea that there were that many soldiers of any importance on that list "after all they're not frontline soldiers and even if they were they'd have to be from the right Regiments" (Kim Fletcher)

    Gosport fot those of you interested is apparently empty according to J. McEntee's interpretation of the Telegraph story.

    All you guys on Rehab just hanging around waiting for MRI's as a result of injuries sustained in service in Iraq, AFG etc. Mr McEntee is implying that you are to be included amongst those who soldiers who are "just people who incurred the normal day today football injuries"

    Mr McEntee thinks it does'nt warrent front page.
  2. Let this thread run til midday tomorrow and then copy it to that pair of wakners!!!
  3. Gents am I given to understand that troops injured, War or not are now on normal national health 'Practices' ?
    Trust I have got it wrong.
  4. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You're not wrong.
  5. fcuking tossers.

    bring them my way.
  6. I can feel another letter writing assault coming on. A friend of mine was injured in Iraq, and is getting bounced from pillar to post.

    Oh I forgot, as TA he's obviously not a frontline soldier OR as far as this knob is concerned, from the 'right' regiment.

    Is there a transcript or video of this discussion available?
  7. What the fcuk do these talking heads know about the forces? Nothing. However if one of thier collegues was unfortunate enough to be injured by insurgents in Iraq, and in dire need of NHS treatment, there would be a full scale media frenzy.

    It's about time this country started taking us seriously, and not treating us as second class citizens. Whilst they sit on their fat arrses reading from an autocue they should remember that they, the media, with their provocative, intrusive and biased reporting are partly to blame for the crappy situation in the Middle East, and thus by implication partly responsible for the lads on trolleys in Selly Oak.
  8. This level of ignorance in the media just grips my sh1t. Many of them are clueless just clueless. It does not really matter what the numbers are, the fact that ANY soldiers who have served their country are being subjected to second rate medical care is the scandal. If they the journos want to talk about it, let them fill their boots and get on the ground in the sandpits and do a bit of real research - and gain a bit of respect too.
  9. These proles dont realise the harm they can do with a stupid, un-warranted and un-researched remark. A hell of a lot of folk take what is said by these so called 'experts' as gospel and now probably see the forces a bunch of whiners.

    Feckin knobeeds, do my bonce in they really do..............
  10. Now there's a coincidence; I find it amusing when media bell-ends get injured while performing their "duty".
    Unfortunately, this does'nt happen very often as 99% are content to sit on their fat backsides a thousand miles away from danger.
    In short - they're cnuts. And when the Glorious Reveloution comes(next Tuesday)they will be put up against the wall and shot. Just as soon as we've reloaded and dragged the bodies of the politicians out off the way.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Guys,the Sky News feedback link!!,,,00.html

    Just fired this off to Sky News.Think we'll get a reply??*

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing to express my disgust at the comments made by your presenters & John McEntee of the Telegraph plus a Kim Fletcher made with regards the 5000 soldiers awaiting treatment around the UK.
    Do you're people realise how insensative remarks like that are?Do they not realise that families of injured soldiers would be watching?I guess not otherwise those jibes would'nt have been made!
    May I in light of that draw you're attention to these links-

    ARRSE is a forum for Serving & Ex members of the forces,their families & friends & we find you're presenters comments insensitive.May we suggest you're presenters & guests think before saying things like that again.
    Your's sincerly,

    *Dont think so!
  12. Anyway it isnt "just" about soldiers injured while on operations.

    If you reduce the size of the armed forces as successive governments have done over the past 15 years, it becomes even more important to maximise the proportion of your forces personnel who are fit and available for operations.

    For the purposes of that calculation, it makes no difference whether personnel were injured on operations, or during sports (chance would be a fine thing).

    The more personnel we have on NHS waiting lists at any one time, the greater the overstretch across the board.

    Despite that, defence medical services were reduced by a bigger proportion than the reduction in the forces as a whole. That fact increases the UK-PLC obligation to avoid such waiting list delays for forces personnel.

    Oh yes, reference the commentators mentioned by LWM: CNUTS.
  13. Pure Islington dinner party this, these alleged pundits and commentators are uninformed garbage – the sort of people who had a secret chuckle over 9/11 and gleefully tally up the number of dead spams in Iraq. The people who have let Bliar get away with so much and are now turning against him because its fashionable.

    Fortunately these days its highly probable that sooner or later they will be knifed by a chav on their way back from an Islington soirée.
  14. The James Bond villain Eliot Carver doesn't seem as farfetched today as he once did.

    This is sick. You guys deserve better. I mentioned earlier the prospect of getting some yanks involved to gather money to send to cover costs for at least a few wounded soldiers. I think I'll actually try to see if I can get something. If the government won't step up, charity ought to fill the void. Does anybody have any ideas on how we could get something up and running?