Sky Marshals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by goneandgone, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. So it's happening...
    "Air marshals will be deployed where appropriate," said a joint statement from the Transport Department and the Home Office.
    Interesting work with training included for some switched on lads then....
  2. Do they get to wear 10 gallon hats and stars?
  3. It's about time too. That bloody satellite TV station needs someone in a big hat with stars on!
  4. Will they get air miles?
  5. Careful, this is Blondedicks thread. She'll have a friend of a mate, who's knew someone's husband who nearly became a sky marshall, so she is fairly clued up on policing the skys.
  6. lololol do they get a bonus for not flying 757s into sky scrapers :D
  7. .... but I seem to remember reading somewhere today that the skymarshalls are policemen. (or is that policeperson these days?)
  8. I think she means her SF pals (the mannequins in her living room).
  9. Whom are authorities on PTSD and counter terrorism :D
  10. and of course the whole thing is in response to action in the motherland again!! (USA)
  11. Seems like a nice job if you can do it, sitting first class and all. Air Marshall were in use strait after 9/11 in airlines such as United, but they sat in economy... bit stupid as all the 9/11 terrorists were in first and business class.
  12. Interestingly enough, the Sunday Mirror (I know, I know, but I only read it on the 'net to keep abreast of what the lads are reading) had this article in it today:

    Which included:

    as well as:

    So civvies can join!

    Off you go then Blondie.
  13. Boss I didn't say a word honest! 8) :wink:
  14. Its on the TA site, they are recruiting for 21 and 23 SAS and the SF contingent of the RMR, nothing more sinister than that ............
  15. The Sunday newspapers not telling the whole truth?

    Well I never!