Sky Marshals

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Dzerzhinskiey, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Since when the fcuk do you have to pay money to apply for a job??? Something not right
  2. I am always wary of firms that say they are seriously recruiting and ask for the candidates to put up money up front that will be repaid on acceptance by the airline. This mob expect you to front the money for your security clearance with the application form and travel for the fitness test and psychometric analysis at your own expense.
  3. Translation: You pay us to run some tests on you then we place you on a waiting list. You might see that money back, then again you might not.

    Translation: We aren't going to tell you where our office is.

    Conclusion: a Walt and his money are soon parted. They even charge you twenty quid to register with them.

  4. Key words here are Recruitment and Agency. They'll train you once you stump up the cash, and then place you with a carrier, however, how many other recruitment agencies exist in the sky marshals industry vying for the airlines business? Training and then placement are two worlds apart. Reminds me of my resettlement course which also stated they could do placements within the IT industry. I'm still waiting 5 years to be placed into a job by them!
  5. Did n't this lot try the same thing in Pathfinder magazine and get outed as being less than reputible ?
  6. well - i got my second interview on tuesday - they seem MORE than serious to me !!!

    The £20 isn't for the application, its for the security check, I don't think you have enough information to make claims like this.

    have you approached THEM with your concerns ?!!!

    I prefer to die on my feet then live on my knees
  7. Questioning and interviewing techniques? Yeah right!
    Walt fodder site methinks................
  8. What we need is someone who has DV vetting to apply, see if they try to charge them - shouldn't need to considering that clearance is probably over and above what you need for this job.
  9. Recall, fcuk off you trolling w@nker
  10. I think you'll find an 'intelligent' response would be more useful !

    I prefer to die on my feet then live on my knees
  11. Recall, once you have your 2nd interview can you please post on here the total cost of your training, which I assume you will ask, or already have asked on the 1st interview. And I don't mean the cost for vetting, medical, etc. I mean ask them what is the total overall cost for training and placement. If that's free, then your onto a winner. If they want cash (and training like this doesn't come cheap), then I wouldn't get your hopes up for job at the end of it!
  12. Are you surprised by the response you got? Your only post on ARRSE is in support of a company charging £20 for for a "security check" - do you know how much UK Government vetting costs? If you re-read the thread you'll see why the jury's out on which side of the table you'll be sitting if there actually are any interviews on Tuesday.

    I'm only interested in this topic because I fly a lot, and I'm uncomfortable at the prospect of sharing a flight with a potentially armed security officer, unless he/she is a serving or former policeman, or one of the very few individuals in the services who have genuinely done this sort of thing before. If you are genuine, then don't be surprised if you are invited to pay the cost of a training course because, as Gunny Highway points out, that's what recruitment agencies do. As for jobs thereafter, I would guess you'll find yourself standing by the metal detector at Heathrow, sticking a wand between people's legs every now and then, for the minimum wage. You'd get paid the same at Macdonalds, and they don't make you pay for training or a security check :roll:
  13. I would be very unsure about this company. I work for Security with BAA who own and run airports including heathrow and gatwick and we have not had any information regarding skymarshals coming through. There would be serious talks in reagard to allowing anyone other than police through security with firearms. The police would also be jumpy about having another 'agency' with firearms around the airport.

    Even though the job in security is slightly different to what Donny says and the pay considerably more 8), I wouldnt hold your breath for a job as there has been no criteria set out for this that i have seen.