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sandy_boots said:
Lets pay the USAF to move us. As I’ve mentioned on a parallel thread, I’ve had the pleasure of being moved by the USAF internationally on a number of occasions. I've flown in C141, C5 and C130. The maximum delay I've experienced with them (in fact the only delay I can recall) was about 20 mins and that was to wait for some unexpected extra pax to arrive - and we were kept fully informed - reason, revised boarding time and ETD announced at 5 minute intervals.
Experiences vary... when I needed a fixed-wing lift from the USAF a few months back, we ended up sat in Kuwait for nine hours with no information and some curiosity as to whether we were delayed or just outright forgotten. It's not just the RAF who can have bad days organising an air move.

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I think we also need to consider the relative funds available to both the RAF and USAF. Im sure all of the services would benefit from extra cash.

The military does a great job with a very small pot of money. It is not surprising that we reach breaking point in some areas. Failures in AT, especially when it effects hard earned R+R is very emotive but I cant help but feel we should vent our frustrations on the holders of the purse strings rather than picking fault with our own side.
There was a bfbs journalist on that flight too and suprisingly there was a whole 15 minute bit about how crap the airbridges are! They got some RAF top brass in at the end to explain all the problems away though, apart from the spare tyre business for which he had no excuse.

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